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One of the most creative and latest/greatest social sites being placed out on the world wide web recently is a site called, Soul Needs!

It really works on getting to know people for their wholesome goodness, as well as a place for each and every person to come and explore fitness by way of the mind, body and soul.

Create your own profile.

Explore the “Circles”, various communities centered around specific topics or needs for fulfillment — or, create your own.

Take the many quizes available on the site to explore where you stand with your mind, body, and soul.

There are also other areas in development — entertainment and events, to begin with.

If you are wanting something a little more fulfilling than the social sites you have been to lately, you really should take the time to explore this more by clicking on the link below:


SoulNeeds Beta – Dashboard – txbluebonnet.

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Everyone needs a place to go to where they can heal, be safe to talk, and empower others along their healing journey.  For those traveling the healing journey due to domestic violence issues, Facebook’s page called, Domestic Violence Voices, offers just one such place.

It’s just a great feel good place with a great community spirit.

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Just ordered my order today.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time.  Having lymphedema in my legs leaves me unable to shop for long periods of time.  While it might not have everything that I absolutely need, it sure is convenient and saves me time from having to shop a long time in the supermarket/grocery store.


I find that I save money, too, by purchase my groceries through them — both through their savings that they pass to the consumers and savings from not buying some things that I don’t really need at the stores.


This month they also have a seafood package.  Yummm. 🙂


Packages that I bought this month are the Bit of Blessings for $22 and the Seafood Special for $33.  Check these packages out and more on the site link below.


Be to tell them that you heard it on here. 😀  Keep spreading the word about this wonderful community ministries project.

Angel Food Ministries Thoughts and Comments | Feeding America One Box At A Time.


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