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We simply must get VAWA passed. Please urge your Federal Legislators to get on the ball and get this passed quickly!

United Nations Delegate

We just cannot give up on this…. please feel free to circulate to survivors, advocates, and others who are concerned about the rights of victims of domestic violence issues, etc.!!!






Crew –


Our national colleagues have identified tomorrow, November 14th as a Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) National Day of Action.  They judge the “lame duck session”, the session of Congress that will take place in the next few weeks, as an important time to highlight and push for the reauthorization of VAWA.



The VAWA National Day of Action

Wednesday, November 14, 2012






Since VAWA Expired





Since Congress’ Last Action on VAWA





Left to pass VAWA

before this Congress ends



(for November 14, 2012)



Tomorrow, consider taking one or more of the following…

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I think my preparedness skills as a girl scout are well played, and the start of,being very prepared my role as a United Nations delegate in a few months. Read this blog for more details….

United Nations Delegate

As I am working towards my goal to be at the United Nations through fundraising and educating myself more about the current global issues of violence against women and children through attendance of meetings and webinars, and lots of reading and research, I have also been training already through a faith based disaster relief resource.


Hurricane Sandy hits NYC, which is also home to the United Nations.   I still haven’t got a clear statement on the status of the buildings, Churches, and hotels surrounding the United Nations area; however, I have a feeling that, even if the buildings and meeting locations are cleared out before I arrive in March, there will be an additional task at hand and the disaster training that I have also been receiving with FEMA’s online training resources, Austin Disaster Relief Network’s in person training, and the American Red Cross training will come directly…

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Cherished Moment

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Facebook event asked for prayers for our advocates…. and I was so inspired. 🙂 (Thanks to the facebook event invite that I had received tonight.)

United Nations Delegate

May the Lord, our God, wrap the arms of faith, love, and strength to all our sister and brother advocates, whether they believe in you or another higher power, and give them the ability to guide the victims and survivors of violence done upon them (from one that is supposedly loving them but showing otherwise through their actions towards the victims and survivors) to know peace, understand what love really is, etc.  Let also the victims and survivors find that peace through the guidance of the advocates and others guided towards them to help them, and lead them on a path that they not only become a survivor, but also a thriver.  Lift up all the hearts of the advocates so that they can help guide the victims and survivors on paths so that they may feel the power of healing.  Please give the advocates…

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Where were you when the GREAT SHAKEOUT took place?

United Nations Delegate

This wasn’t well advertised throughout our city/state (I don’t think), but it is a great exercise that we all should consider doing.  Received this in my email today.


Dear Private Sector Partners,

When an earthquake happens, you only have seconds to react. The best protective action is to “Drop, Cover and Hold On.” Today more than 13 million people nationwide are expected to participate in the Great ShakeOut earthquake drillBe a part of the Nationwide Drill!

At 10:18 Local Time Today:


  • DROP to the ground;
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table; and
  •  HOLD ON


If it’s not possible to get to the floor to safely take cover, before the exercise, identify an inside corner of the room near your work station or the other locations you may be in, away from windows and objects that could fall on you. …

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This is a subject matter weighing heavily upon my mind, especially in light of certain events in the House. It’s disappointing that they would choose politics over what would be right for the victim.

Poetic Bluebonnet

The tv murmurs with redundant sounds,

but nothing else be it abounds.

The world around me seem to sleep

yet I know there is another world which

works while our sleep is deep.


Know this to be true as I have worked it myself

just like Santa’s best elf.

The phone would ring with a new crisis

for this advocate to have no biases

and help the victim in tears

to ward off their fears.


Each call would be different

each call would be afferent.

A lifeline beats fast at one end of the phone

and dependent upon the advocate alone

for guidance and suggestions of hope to help them be safe and as strong as one.


Resources facing funding issues

and more victims than the shelters can uphold.

Where are the tissues

for those lost among the fold?


More funding is needed

as folks in the…

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My boyfriend are losing weight this year as our New Year’s resolution. This poem is to commemorate that. 🙂

Poetic Bluebonnet

Between he and I,

our New Year’s Resolution was made,

on New Year’s Eve

that neither he nor me

will be considered two fat cats in the shade.


Between he and I,

we created salads galore

so that we could think lean

and no longer mean

that we’ll be fat forever more.


Between he and I,

we thought about proteins

and balancing carbs and fats

fibers and all that

so that we can be lean t’weens.


Between he and I,

we’ve lost almost 80 pounds

since January

which brings us quite cheery

and we’re only 5 months down.


Between he and I,

we’ve got to know the grocery store very well

learning to read the labels

so that our plans will be no fables

and we’ll boldly have something to tell.



(this is a work in the making)



Between he and I,

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What is really disturbing is that it was fought so strongly for the humanity aspect — including non-citizens with the VAWA bill, etc. treating all victims as a human being. If the same folks were in a different country, wouldn’t they like to know that they would be protected as a victim as well??? Pure hogwash and insanity to think otherwise.

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How far CAN we go?

It’s worth a try to see how many changes that we can make to help make this world a safer place for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Come check out the National Domestic Violence Survivor Law Project that we’re working on…. Love to hear from you!!

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Just out… a very serious matter that needs a continued look into. 🙂

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You are encouraged to attend this year’s CALL FOR UNITY teleconference call. You may want to listen to be inspired, re-inspired about the domestic violence movement in bringing about awareness of the domestic violence issues, especially promoted during the DVAM (domestic violence awareness month) of October.

The call will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 3pm EST and is hosted by the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and the national partners (such as NDVH (National Domestic Violence Hotline), NNEDV (National Network to End Domestic Violence) and Casa Esperanza.

On this free, 45 minute national call, we’ll share in a collective moment of silence for all the women, children, and men who have lost their lives to intimate partner violence and we’ll hear a dramatic recitation from nationally renowned spoken word artists Sunni Patterson and Asia Rainey.

To register for the call, simply follow this link and register:

http://bit.ly/2011NatlCallforUnity http://amplify.com/u/a1d0u1

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There are just times when some folks seem to get away with murder (even attempted murder) when they should not. Where is the justice system when you need to have it working? Is the scarf around her eyes too tight that she’s not seeing the justice deeds that needs to be served? Justice may be blind, but in no way should it be that she sees no evil too. http://amplify.com/u/a1cf97

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Advocates and survivors, as well as domestic violence supporters, are encouraged to attend this year’s CALL FOR UNITY teleconference call. The call will last 45 minutes. Of course, you don’t have to stay on the call for the entire time, but you may want to listen to be inspired, re-inspired about the domestic violence movement in bringing about awareness of the domestic violence issues, especially promoted during the DVAM (domestic violence awareness month) of October.

The call will be held on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 3pm EST and is hosted by the NRCDV & national partners, such as NDVH, NNEDV & Casa Esperanza.

On this free, 45 minute national call, we’ll hear from survivors, advocates, national experts, and government officials working to end domestic and sexual violence.

You can join the call from anywhere; however, you must register to get the call-in information. To register for the call, simply follow this link and register:

http://bit.ly/2011NatlCallforUni http://amplify.com/u/a1c5u0

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I am working on having a #LiveChatFeed on domestic violence issues outside of my role as a NDVH hotline advocate on Friday, October 14th. I’ve been building my account up (@bluebonnetfield) and I will be attending a specialized training on October 5th to figure out the last moment details to get everything else going in place. If you are interested, I’ll definitely keep you posted on the details.

I invite you, if you have a twitter account to follow mine and let me know if you plan on chiming in for a bit on October 14th. We’ll try to keep it going throughout the day/night so any portion thereof that you could chime in, would be appreciated, to keep the chain of conversation(s) flowing. I’ll be working on promoting it throughout September so, hopefully, there will be plenty to hope in and we can make it a trending subject matter as well on October 14th in twitter! http://amplify.com/u/a1c5mt

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Electric went off around 4:30a. It didn’t go off for too long (a part of rollouts that we may not be officially having yet), but when it comes back on it programs the thermostat to HEAT. Anyone know how we can reset the thermostat so that when COA cuts off the electric, it goes back to the setting of COOL like we had it before? Just discovered our thermostat on 82 HEAT, by no design of our own.

This happened yesterday too. A pattern is definitely forming.

City of Austin = COA

~ Sweltering in Austin, TX

and wondering if the City of Austin is going to provide a discount for causing this grief (and surely a rise in our electrical billing by having to constantly reset our thermostat)? http://amplify.com/u/a1c0sq

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Funny. I attended a training session at work in which I was asking some of the same questions, along with my fellow advocates. Never imagined that when I was home, I would come upon an article so much on point.

There is much to learn about the domestic violence and all the cultures around the world, and in our very own backyard here in the United States of America. We think of ourselves as such a progressive nation; however, it is completely eye opening when we open our eyes only to realize that we may not have come as far along as we have hoped.

Here’s to hoping and praying that we can all be the change.

8/24/2011 11:13:00 AM
New hope to American Indian
women facing domestic violence
Navajo-Hopi Observer

WASHINGTON, D.C. – An international human rights body has done something that federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, failed to do – bring justice to a domestic violence survivor.

“This decision is important for Native women who face the highest rates of sexual and physical assault of any group in the United States,” said Jana Walker, Indian Law Resource Center attorney. “Although this case did not originate in Indian Country, it has major implications for an ethnic group who rarely sees their abusers brought to justice.”

On Aug. 17, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights issued a landmark decision in Jessica Lenahan (Gonzales) v. United States. The decision is the first women’s human rights case involving domestic violence brought before an international body against the United States. The Commission determined that the United States violated its obligations under international human rights laws by failing to use due diligence and reasonable measures to protect Ms. Lenahan and her daughters from violence by her estranged husband.

The case was based on a tragic incident in 1999, involving the deliberate failure of the Castle Rock, Colorado police to enforce a domestic violence restraining order. Ms. Lenahan had repeatedly called the police for help after her estranged husband kidnapped her three children in violation of the order. Ten hours after Ms. Lenahan’s first call, the husband drove to the police station, where he and the three children were killed in an exchange of gunfire. Ms. Lenahan sought justice in the federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court, for violation of her rights by the police.

After the United States Supreme Court held that women do not have a constitutional right to have civil protection orders enforced by the police, Town of Castle Rock, Colo. v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005), Ms. Lenahan filed a petition with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights alleging that the United States’ failure to act with due diligence to prevent violence against women violated its obligations under international human rights law.

In 2008, the Indian Law Resource Center and Sacred Circle National Resource Center to End Violence Against Native Women filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the Commission in support of Ms. Lenahan, on behalf of numerous non-profit organizations and tribal governments working to end violence against Native women. In its decision, the Commission took notice of this brief and acknowledged that domestic violence has a disproportionate impact on Native women and other low income minority women.

“We want our voices to be heard around this case, because the United States Supreme Court decision had vast implications for Native women and the enforcement of tribal protection orders by state law enforcement officials,” said Terri Henry, Co-chair of the National Congress of American Indians Task Force on Violence Against Women and Principal Director of Clan Star, Inc. “Violence against Native women in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. One out of three Native women will be raped in her lifetime, and three out of four will be physically assaulted.”

Because the United States has greatly limited tribal criminal jurisdiction and sentencing authority, often the only recourse that Native women have against their abusers is a civil protection order.

“By allowing state l

Read more at www.navajohopiobserver.com


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Found a posting on twitter:

Andrea10TV State Senator Kris Jordan to police responding to his wife’s domestic violence call “She got all upset….but girls do that.”
6 hours ago

I haven’t heard the whole story yet; however, it is amazing that the State Senator would stereotype his wife as being just like any other woman who would get upset.

Men don’t get upset, is the implication. Really?
Men don’t overreact. Really?
Men don’t get physically upset. Really?

If no one would get upset,
If everyone could discuss and agree to disagree on certain points of view,
If folks would just never overreact,
If folks would just never get physcially upset,

there just might not be any domestic violence in the world.


Wouldn’t that be nice?? http://amplify.com/u/a1buy8

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To register for this year’s DVAM (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) Call for Unity, please go to this link:


and follow the instructions from there. The call is free to call in and will last for about 45 minutes on October 4, 2011.

Side Note: The Domestic Violence Awareness Project (DVAP) is an initiative of the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) funded by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

Domestic Violence Awareness Project
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
www.nrcdv.org/dvam http://amplify.com/u/a1buux

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October is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH (“DVAM”). As part of the recognition of DVAM is the Call For Unity. Please review, participate and share with others.

This is from the 2010 event:


which includes podcasts of:
•National Call for Unity 2010, full length recording (38:57 minutes)
•Remarks by Vice President Joseph Biden (1:55 minutes)
•A Survivor’s Story: Victor Rivas Rivers, “Remember My Name” recited by Kimberly Collins, and Universal Prayer by Rev. Dr. Aleese Moor-Orbih (17:41 minutes)

It is the belief that everyone can do this together in an effort to bring about peace and freedom from domestic violence. http://amplify.com/u/a1butx

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I think it is fabulous that FMLA and some of the States’ own laws are working together to help provide a dv an opportunity to tend to certain things related to care and empowering moving forward to being a survivor. Hopefully all 50 statesw will follow suit as well.

Amplify’d from www.nolo.com

Victims of domestic violence may have the right to take time off work.

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If you are the victim of domestic violence, you may have the right to take time off from work. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and some state laws allow domestic violence victims to take leave from work in certain circumstances.  

Domestic violence — mental or physical abuse at the hands of an intimate partner — often affects the victims’ ability to work. According to Legal Momentum, an advocacy group, victims of domestic violence lose an average of 137 hours of work a year. Some need time off to seek medical attention, seek a restraining order, or relocate to a safe place. Others are prevented from getting to work when an abuser disables or takes the car, sabotages childcare arrangements, or leaves the victim without cash to use public transportation.

These problems have led a number of states to pass domestic violence leave laws, which give victims of domestic violence the right to take time off for certain reasons. Some states allow those who are victims of, or witnesses to, a crime to take time off to attend court proceedings; these laws protect victims of domestic violence, although they also apply more generally. And, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may also provide a right to leave for some domestic violence victims.

Read more at www.nolo.com


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Talking the other day and learning a new term (to me anyways) called “bath salts” which is all about a designer drug (similar to cocaine) that is sold online, on convenience store shelves & smoke shops, causing havoc among folks who quickly become addicted to this drug. They are getting the name from actually resembling household therapeutic bath salts used in home tubs and spas.

The difference though is that these have no valid medical effect and they can actually affect the person ingesting them with suicidal thoughts, paranoia, etc. The increased danger is that the effects obtained while taking the designer drugs have lasting effects — days & weeks later. No one knows enough about them to truly understand the long-term ramifications.

As quickly as people are coming to know about them, the awareness is increasing of the dangers.

In New Jersey, the Governor has even recently passed a law, Pamela’s Law (SCS-2829); do you know what your State is doing to get rid of http://amplify.com/u/a1bspq

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On the way, I couldn’t tell if there was an electrical storm going on in the eastern Austin skies, or actual rain and lightening storms heading in. Are they rain Gods toying with our visions? Could it be figment of our imaginations (just like a mirage in the hottest of deserts)?? Should I have had taken a picture of the curiousity happening in the skies and report it as a possible Unidentified Flying Object? ;) http://amplify.com/u/a1bsj8

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Are you a survivor of domestic violence? Are you ready to share your voice? This facebook page has a great deal to offer…some points of inspirations, some healthy and vibrant discussions on various issues surround domestic violence survivorship, and more. Feel free to dive in and join the conversations among other survivors!

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Step up and volunteer for our youth. Great venue on August 26th, needing plenty of folks to assist, with a great cause. If you can #volunteer, please do! Many ways to volunteer…just check out the form!

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If you are a survivor, I want to talk to you and have you come on my show, Beyond Words Live, on blogtalkradio. My show is a platform for survivors to tell their own story in their own words – especially if you are a survivor from domestic violence or sexual assault or childhood abuse.

Check out the video below for more details and then come to http://blogtalkradio.com/oralhistory to contact me for scheduling:

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Everyone wishes that they had some degree of clout in everyday living – whether it is just being heard for the first time ever or just trying to have some sort of upward mobility in society as a whole.

The site, Klout (http://klout.com), is no different.

It factors in some movement that you had done on the internet to see how influenced your are by others and/or how much you influence others. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are three of those that are factored in. FourSquare is too (however, I haven’t been able to get this to work on my DROID phone just yet.

My profile is at http://klout.com/#/bluebonnetfield, if you would like to take a look at how this works. 🙂

Facebook doesn’t include the pages or groups that you created and admin (but this might be included in the future). It doesn’t include the blogs that you have on the net — ie Blogger.com or WordPress.com — however, they may in the future. So, in my mind, those who might have a low Klout figure may not be wholly representative of how influential they truly may be over the social media and internet world; however, Klout, is really still in its infancy stages.

Have you explored how much Klout you might have yet?

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Just ordered my order today.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time.  Having lymphedema in my legs leaves me unable to shop for long periods of time.  While it might not have everything that I absolutely need, it sure is convenient and saves me time from having to shop a long time in the supermarket/grocery store.


I find that I save money, too, by purchase my groceries through them — both through their savings that they pass to the consumers and savings from not buying some things that I don’t really need at the stores.


This month they also have a seafood package.  Yummm. 🙂


Packages that I bought this month are the Bit of Blessings for $22 and the Seafood Special for $33.  Check these packages out and more on the site link below.


Be to tell them that you heard it on here. 😀  Keep spreading the word about this wonderful community ministries project.

Angel Food Ministries Thoughts and Comments | Feeding America One Box At A Time.


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Whew! It has been the first week of me DJing on the internet. It has been an interesting week getting this set up and going but after my 3rd show this week fully live and all technicalities functioning properly, I am starting to relax and enjoy myself more without having to worry so much about this side of the screen or that. lol……

Would love for more of you to come to the lounge and give me some support while you are meeting other new friends as well. We play anything in the 80s and up category. I tend to play some songs that folks may or may not have heard just yet, mixed in wtih some tunes that you have indeed heard. For instance, I played some Australian bands on the air today. Plus those in the lounge are the coolest folks that you have ever met….

If you want to just tune in, you can also hear me through WINAMP. If you have WINAMP set up, you can put in where you put in “Play URL” the following— I understand that you can access it through iPOD as well? I don’t have an iPOD so I am not sure how that works.

My air times are—

THURS 5-8p CSTFRI 2-5p CST &
SAT 11a-2p CST (although today I was on until 5p CST).

I would love to have your support and have you visit the lounge. Please provide me some feedback whenever you can….. and, if you are reading this and you have some music that you would like aired, please contact me asap.

Thanks sooooo much. 🙂

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Trouble is…

I don’t know how well they work, do you????

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Gulp, gulp, gulp….


Although I have been drinking more water, it isn’t consistent enough; however, I have found that I have desired to have a soda even less—and,

that can only be a good thing!! 😀

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on Craigslist was quite effective. Less than a week after posting the ad, they are so out of my apartment. Yea!!

(Dancing in the extra space formed by their departure, along with the departure of the extra coffee and end tables!!!)

Now, I will be able to move the island in my kitchen created by stacking 12 large tubs on top of each other in a squarish formation to where the old couch was and not in view of guests at my apartment. 😀


More soon….

Singing with joy in the meantime….

Next up, is selling a glass dining room table, I think; but, first thing is first in moving some stuff around… 🙂

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is not out of the ordinary with me as I do this constantly with my job at work when talking to strangers about crisis situations. We often learn that oftentimes we are just that right person for that person to talk to and somehow we were matched up in the caller sequence. It is amazing how fate works its way out (even if you don’t believe in fate 100%).

I am not too good to sit down next to someone and start up a conversation out of the blue. I will talk to most anyone!! Now, I didn’t say that I was always welcomed b/c some people were sitting there probably to be by themselves for one reason or another and here I come; however, I have on the whole been genereally met with receptiveness.

This is something that someone should always try to do as often as possible. You will never know just what the story is behind the person you meet!!!


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when you have an apartment that doesn’t have ample storage space to begin with, there comes a time to decide to part ways with them. Now, I have been parting ways with many, many things since I have moved into this apartment in March 2006; however, there is still more to be parted with. That is just one of the casualities of downsizing and currently being extra inspired through my attempts of finding some feng shui in my living area spaces so that I can feel comfortable living and studying there, as well as entertaining guests there in the future.

I am sooo missing not feeling comfortable enough to have guests to my home b/c it is so small and made smaller with all of my stuff that I have been carrying around with me for years and years and years.

Any other suggestions, besides craigslist, that you would suggest to post my items to be parted with???

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in my apartment. I love the candle theme in my present living room nook area, but I am thinking I am going to mix it up a little bit more. I have a lovely dining room table and I am thinking I might move it now towards the window in my living room nook area and expand the look of the great room aspect to circle into the dining room nook and place my long couch (presently blocking not only the window but also the back patio door) over under the overpass/bar area or along the back wall where my glass table presently sits. Not quite sure. Still need to fit into the area a bentwood rocker that my daughter has passed up for a glider that they purchased.

Probably need to make more room in my apartment by putting an old lazy boy sofa and chair recliners and coffee/end tables on Craigslist soon in order to facilitate the feng shui feel of my apartment. 🙂

Got any ideas???

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Join me in the discovery of what processes are now required to get this accomplished…

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but how do you get more cheers to spread around??? 😉

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The surgeon saw me today and gave me the okay to not have any future follow up visits, although the no lift rule over 10 pounds is still in tact until after the 1st of July.

She said that I am indeed healing nicely and no longer seem to have an infection. Yea!! She is still available, if I it becomes re-infected and I need more antibiotics, or the like. However, I am good to go!! Yea!!

Thank goodness….

and, as such, I can now considered this recovery from surgery completed!

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In speaking about portfolios, has anyone had any luck with the portfolio software at Blurb.com????

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I have been in the process of ordering postersize prints of some of my candle photos, along with some black frames to change the decor of my living room nook in my apartment. I must say it is starting to come together bit by bit. I am quite pleased.

When I finish with the candle theme for my living room nook, I am thinking about carrying the black frame theme into the kitchen area and put up photographs of food. I have an interesting egg in a vase type of picture, as well as an interesting view of a fish dish that I had in Guatemala during my mission trip in 2003.

Question, should I continue the food theme as well into the dining nook area or, should that be a flower theme, do you think??? Any ideas???

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Does anyone know if these things truly work??? I have seen this on Amazon and am a bit curious as to if anyone has really had any success with these Play & Freeze Ice Cream Balls that come in a variety of colors?

If you have success with them, what size did you choose and would you purchase the same size again, if you were to do it all over again???

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I am getting geared up for the possibility of learning how to make cheese soon. As such, I have doing a variety of research upon a variety of recipes from a variety of resources.

Today, I have stumbled upon Gourmet-Sleuth which has a 30-minute kit for making mozzerella cheese, as well as a home cheese cookbook that they tout as the first cookbook that you should buy when learning about making cheese.

I have contacted a nearby kitchen store, Faraday’s Kitchen Store, to see if they are going to sell some cheese making kits and/or offer cheese making classes.

Any other suggestions for sources of cheese making kits to get started???

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Dream house?

Well, we all have our dreams, don’t we???

If I would have my druthers, I would certainly find some acreage (and it doesn’t have to compare to the XIT ranch; just large enough that I don’t feel like I am butted up to my neighbors and I have room to raise some vegetables and flowers and herbs—maybe 6-10 acres would be nice) and then build my dream house that I have had in my mind since I was in the architecture program for 3 years almost 30 years ago.

Not too much to ask for, right??

Well, on the surface, it isn’t; however, as fast as Austin is growing these days, I am going to be pushed further and further out of the city to avoid the taxes, traffic, and urban growth.

Any ideas about how to save up for such a plan, while avoiding being succumbed by the urban growth???

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it is looking like I might be a Grandma before July 8th! 🙂

I need to hurry up and figure out a name to be called…

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just for brakes??? lol…

I have included a picture of the freezing, boring waiting room that I waited in for what was originally to be only a “couple of hours”, which ended up actually being a bit over eight hours!!

This picture was only a smidgen of a moment where there was no one in the waiting room except from me. What is sad is when you realize that this is, in the end, 1/365th of your year in 2007 memories!! lol…..

I think I probably saw more than 100 customers come in and out of that waiting room who waited there for any length of time (not counting the customers I saw walk by the waiting room to the rental car leasing office, or, who were picked up by friends and family). True, I could have rented a car; but, I am in that few day stretch until pay day when this emergency occurred that I wasn’t prepared for…

What ended up taking so long is when they, the dealership where I got the repairs done, had to order a part — what??

Part of the reason one has the repairs done at the dealership is that they should have all the parts for your vehicle — right???? 🙂

Oh, well….

A day in my life getting repairs done for my vehicle.

On my to do list for repairs still on the Red Barron is fixing the AC unit. Any ideas/suggestions where to best go for these repairs where you don’t feel that you have been taken full advantaged of????

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when you have no help at home to do the general things around the house.

Tonight, I had about 2 weeks worth of garbage to take out to the dumpster and I have been avoiding it because they are a bit heavy. Storing them by the front door on a dolly, I finally couldn’t stand it a moment longer and wheeled the trash to the dumpster.

I think I managed to pop my wound open slightly in the process. I can see why the doctor insisted that I don’t lift things over 10 pounds; however, not many people will come at your door asking you if they can take your trash out! 😦

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for those with Digital SLR cameras on http://www.betterphoto.com. While browsing their $188 rate it seems a bit pricey too me for right now, although their outlines seem decent. My other hurdle too is that I don’t have a Digital SLR camera. In clicking around on the site and exploring a live chat came on to talk to me.

This was the conversation—

[Jason at Betterphoto] Hi, did you have a question about our courses?
[BetterPhoto Visitor] any discounts? 😉
[Jason at Betterphoto] Hello.
[Jason at Betterphoto] We have a promotion for those who have taken 2 or more courses before.
[Jason at Betterphoto] Although we don’t offer discounts for courses, there are a couple of ways you can save on your course enrollment.


You can refer a friend using a special form in the Member Center. If the friend signs up, you get sent a $20 “Thank You” card from BetterPhoto which can be applied to your next course. To participate, sign into your Member Center and then click the Courses tab. Then click the link to the Refer-A-Friend form. For more information, visit:



Upload up to 8 photos and get critiqued by a professional on our team of instructors. It’s easy! all you have to do is press the ProCritique icon under your photos in your Member Center. The best part is it is only $79. What’s more, you will receive a coupon for $20 off your next BetterPhoto online photography class! For all the details, visit:


[BetterPhoto Visitor] Hmmm… still a bit pricey right now. I am entering photos on http://www.thephotochallenge.com right now with my itty bitty Nikon 3200. I am wanting to purchase one of the fancier digital SLR cameras, but don’t have the funds for doing so as of now. Back about 5 years ago I had some very nice Canon and Pentax 35mm cameras stolen from me—over $3000 in photography equipment, lenses, filters, etc…
[BetterPhoto Visitor] Started exploring the digital world with the HP612 and now with the Nikon 3200…in the meantime.
[Jason at Betterphoto] Sorry to hear that.
[Jason at Betterphoto] Glad to hear you’re exploring the digital world
[Jason at Betterphoto] Welcome to BetterPhoto and hopefully you will take advantage of one of our courses very soon.
[Jason at Betterphoto] In the meantime, you should take a look at our FREE course to get a feel for what it is like to take a course with us
[BetterPhoto Visitor] yeah… a little bit at a time. Learning some from http://www.thephotochallenge.com, but really need to understand the camera a bit more. Really miss options to change the lenses for telephoto/macro capabilities.
[Jason at Betterphoto] It is no charge and you will receive the same type of instruction as a real course.
[BetterPhoto Visitor] Do I have to have one of the fancier digital cameras???
[Jason at Betterphoto] Take a look here:
http://www.betterphoto.com/courseOverview.asp?cspID=165“>Jason at Betterphoto
[BetterPhoto Visitor] Only problem, it seems to be for the SLR cameras… 😦
[Jason at Betterphoto] Yes, it is best to have an SLR camera
[Jason at Betterphoto] However, if you just want to get the feel for what a course is like…here you go and it’s FREE.
[Jason at Betterphoto] Have a great night!
[BetterPhoto Visitor] Thank you very much….
[BetterPhoto Visitor] You too!

Are these worthwhile courses to pursue; or, is it better to go to a local photo store that might be offering photography classes???

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Just think….

if we all had these huge bottles of water, it just might make it easier to drink our “8 glasses” of water per day!!!

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but, it is something that I am having to force myself to do—especially with the extreme Texas heat this year. Perhaps, it is feeling more extreme than usual to me this year because my AC is broken in my Chevy SUV this summer. However, if that is a good motivation to drink more water this summer, then so be it!!

I don’t like the tap water here so purchasing water, Gatorade, and Vitamin Water is on demand. I know. Gatorade and Vitamin Water isn’t as good as one would hope b/c of the sugars in the waters and about 200 calories per approximately 32 oz bottle, but Vitamin Water has a plus of having no sodium in it. 🙂

I am making progress though in trying to get those “8 glasses” into my daily routine. With a quick 32 oz first thing in the morning, it is a great burst from the start of the day. Just another 32 oz to go through out the day…and, with this heat, it is easy to accomplish!!!

What are your tips and strategies to accomplish your “8 glasses” of water per day???

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Love for art…

doesn’t always make the bills be paid. Love to do calligraphy, blogging, writing, and photography, among other creative artistic things.

Any ideas on how to break away from other careers to making significant money with my works of art???

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develop my photography skills and entering photo contests is certainly one way of doing so by learning from who wins the contests. Occasionally, I have won a few, but I would love to win many more in the future….

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When I was little, I heard tales of my Grandma and Grandpa visiting this place. I think it was for their honeymoon. Not sure that most people would consider it a honeymoon spot; however, I do want to see the teacups that are embedded into the mountainous landscape that my Grandma told me about, among other sights and sounds…

Anyone have any tips about going to this place? Any suggestions for places to stay? What accommodations are available for those who can’t walk great distances on a whole?

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this was the first visit we fit into the schedules for our out of town guests for a bit of culture and history…..

Long live the Alamo!!


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The economy has been tricky during the past years; most employers offering less pay per job than they have had in the past and cost of living and upkeep keep rising.

Eventually, I am wanting to get a hybrid car to save on gas expenses. I have friends that love that aspect of their hybrid, especially with the gas prices continuing to rise.

In the meantime, I am needing to have some costly repairs to my car. The AC in Texas is something awful…and it isn’t even the hottest months yet. The AC repairs are estimated around $2,000. Don’t have the funds in my bank account to do that just yet. Any one have a quick low-interest loan that I could have to get this accomplished??? 😉

More pressing is the fact that my brakes are starting to squeak, which means that the longer and louder they squeak, the more costly the repairs can be, as well as more risk I have as a driver on the road. Working on to have this tended to somehow, some way tomorrow.

Other than that, my 1998 Chevy SUV is in great shape, but I am interested in getting these repairs done as quickly as possible.

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by Lisa A. Seidman

While this book isn’t what I would have gone to the bookstore to read off the bat; it is certainly one that I have found to be very interesting in the curriculum this summer for my biotech classes.

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by Lisa A. Seidman

While this book isn’t what I would have gone to the bookstore to read off the bat; it is certainly one that I have found to be very interesting in the curriculum this summer for my biotech classes.

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by Lisa A. Seidman

While this book isn’t what I would have gone to the bookstore to read off the bat; it is certainly one that I have found to be very interesting in the curriculum this summer for my biotech classes.

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by Ellyn Daugherty

This is a companion to the other book. Very interesting approaches on the lab work. Glad to have it on my reading curriculum for this summer. 🙂

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by Ellyn Daugherty

Not something that I would have gone to pick up off of the shelf to read in the past; however, I am glad that it is part of the reading curriculum for my BioTech classes this summer.

It is indeed some interesting reading if biological sciences is your thing! 😀

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I have been, lately, seeking out some new education classes in the realm of biotech. Yesterday, I received a congratulations letter from the Biotechnology Consortium (see Congratulations Letter for more about the letter). While it isn’t an earth shattering letter, it is extremely empowering and uplifting and, in a sense, very encouraging….

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As part of my steps to becoming a forensic biologist, I have had to start somewhere; this “somewhere” as been a part of the ACC Biotechnology program this summer, which started the day after Memorial Day this year.

Today (well actually yesterday by the time that this gets posted), I have received a letter congratulating me on taking this initial step into a new career path for me:

“Congratulations on taking the first step towards your career in the BioSciences!!

The Austin Biotech Workforce Consortium (WorkSource, ACC, The Austin Chamber, UT’s Ray Marshall Center, and area employers) is happy to welcome you to The Fundamentals of Biotechnology.

As part of a new project under Governor Perry’s Meeting Industries’ Critical Needs Initiate, the Consortium is developing new courses in order to provide much-needed training for new workers in the Biotech Industry; while also enhancing the skills of workers with previous experience in the industry. The goal of the project is to develop a better-prepared and more flexible workforce, and to make Austin an important part of the state-wide Biotechnology and Life Sciences industry cluster.

The Fundamentals of Biotechnology course cycle in which you recently enrolled is one of the training programs developed through this project. The costs to participate in the training – tuition, fees, materials, and internships – are all provided through the funding obtained by WorkSource. WorkSource – Greater Austin Area Workforce Board is the publicly funded workforce system of Travis County and was established by the Texas Legislature in 1995. The mission of WorkSource is to lead an innovative, high-quality worforce system that ensures the economic viability of the region. If you want to learn more about WorkSource, visit us at Austin WorkSource.

The Austin Biotech Workforce Consortium wishes you nothing but success as you begin to prepare yourself for a career in the BioSciences.”

(as signed by Peter Brodeur, Training Project Manager, WorkSource – Greater Austin Area Workforce Board)

While it isn’t a letter from Governor Perry or President Bush, it is significant that it emphasizes the importance and relevancy of the career path. That acknowledgement, in itself, can be extremely encouraging and reaffirming that one is indeed on the right path, at the very least!!

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I have picked up the rocker from a friend of mine. Now, my friend is an avid smoker so the rocker is awfully smokey; but, it is now in my car and will soon be on its way to my daughter’s home after I clean it up a bit to take away the smokiness.

The rocker is in good shape overall and should be a great addition to my daughter’s home and in time for the upcoming new arrival of the baby!

Now, I can actually cross this off of my list and say that I have accomplished at least one thing this week….

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has been turned down b/c it would sound too much like what his Mom wants to be called (NayNay). Augghghghgh….


Does anyone have any suggestions???

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I was in third grade about the time that Hemisphere ‘68 was built and in high gear action. My Dad was one of the on call doctors at that time at the Hemisphere and had the opportunity to go meet Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. He could have gone by himself, but he got permission to take both myself and my sister to meet them.

We had the opportunity to see their dressing rooms and the loads of fancy clothes that they had for their shows.

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers after agreeing to have their picture taken with us, invited us to watch the show. We stayed for the show and were in high heaven because we had had the privilege of meeting them in person before the show.

It was an amazing day that we had that drew on into the evening. Almost 40 years later and I still have that memory ingrained on my mind although my sister ended up with the photograph taken that day.

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I have always been a great admirer of him b/c of his roles in his movies, but also b/c he seems to project that he is a real, wholesome person that is truly down to earth and not into all that glamor and glitz that people get so wrapped up in.

Met someone once who is a huge fan of Johnny Depp who indicated that my intuition of Nicolas Cage is correct b/c she has actually met him through Johnny Depp, one of Nicolas’ friends. I lost contact with her and will probably never know if, what she was telling me, it is more truth than fiction.

Would love the opportunity to assess that for myself in person some day…

In the meantime, I will continue to envision those sexy eyes looking at me one of these days in person, albeit it may only be in my dreams. lol…..

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included the aromatic scents of her baking a freshly prepared batch of bread—banana, white, zucchini, pear, and so many options. One would always feel that besides eating a warm batch of bread that one was also eating healthy knowing that zucchini, pears, bananas, or any number of fruits or vegetables might be blended into the bread during preparation….

I would so love to be able to duplicate that experience with my future granddaughter some day….

Anyone have any good, simple recipes to start off with the learning process???

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but I have begun to move things around a bit in attempts to find that feng shui in my living room. (Shouldn’t have because of my recovery period.)

It is looking a bit better though so I am happy about that, but I will probably shift things around soon another swing to find that perfect spot for the sofas. As it is, I have put the long sofa against the wall with the window; however, it is blocking the patio door a bit, which can be a good thing dependent upon how you look at it.

In the meantime, the quest for feng shui in my living room are coming together with some of my candle photographs I have taken put up on the walls to continue with the candle theme in this room; however, I am open to other suggestions.

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Nothing like being kept from doing any lifting over 10 pounds for 6 weeks. Went for my 2 week review at my surgeon’s office and she said, “Definitely, nothing over 10 pounds lifted until after July 1st!”

Now, how can I move my living room around to gain that feng shui perspective, if I can’t lift anything over 10 pounds??? Do you think that includes not pushing (at least, I am not lifting!!)??? 🙂

Patience…. aughghghghgh….

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has been my motto. I even take my camera stashed in my purse to the grocery store and classes. Don’t know whenever you will find that opportune moment!! 😀


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but it seems that home is full of distractions although noone lives with me right now other than two loving cats. This is part of the reason I am trying to find feng shui in my apartment; however, I am limited right now because of my surgery recovery process (to move things around just yet) since I just had surgery about 2 weeks ago. Frustrating…to know that I can’t do anything for 6 weeks! 😦

In the meantime, I am off and running to the class building to study before class starts. Laters!

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no one hears what I say. I talk and talk, question and question, blog and blog, and yet—

some of the same questions I have from 3 years ago are still seemingly unanswered. Could be that I am asking the wrong questions and they have no answers….

but, what are the right questions to ask???? 😉

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I am hoping so. I had found a man that doted on me; unfortunately, he died just 2 weeks short of our first anniversary. That was nearly 5 years ago.

I feel that there just might be someone out there for me. If he is out there, I would sure like for him to speak up!! 😀

I’ll keep a flame burning until he is found…..

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Of course, she isn’t due in this world until around July 8th and, among the fact that, she won’t be able to speak my name until after 6 months or so, I know that I do have some time.

Mumo – My Mom is called by my daughter
Mimi – My sister’s children call her mother-in-law
Grandma – I called my own grandmother

What are some other suggestions???

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is one of my goals for this year for my apartment. I became an empty nester February 2006 and it has been an adjustment without a husband by my side. I had figured that when this would happen I would at least have someone by my side to share life on a day to day basis; that hasn’t happened according to plan. Few things, I am finding actually truly fit a molded plan; therefore, I devise some loosely molded plans to make things work and come to forward as an accomplishment. That way, I am not quite so disappointed when things don’t come forward exactly as to plan.

I moved to a smaller apartment at that time to save money, etc.; however, coming with the smaller apartment is also a less means of storing things. Aughhghgh. I have had to be creative about my storage aspects (ie creating an island in the kitchen by stacking 18 large plastic tubs together). Thankfully, I have a larger than normal kitchen for a small apartment!

My goal is to have recreate some even more clever storage aspects, after going through more stuff to minimize my stuff in my home, and find some idea of feng shui existing in my apartment so that I will feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I am at home.

To start, I have created a candle theme in my living room and started printing out my photography with candle themes (my own photography created) and hanging them with black frames. It is a start…

Currently, I am physically hindered from doing any moving around of anything greater than 10 pounds since I have recently had an umbilical hernia surgery. My doctor has forbid me from physically doing anything until after July 1st; however, this doesn’t mean that I can’t spend the next couple of weeks mustering some other ideas and comparing notes to some suggestions, and devise a plan of action in my mind.

Would love to hear some ideas from others that have created some feng shui in their home….

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is one of my goals for this year for my apartment. I became an empty nester February 2006 and it has been an adjustment without a husband by my side. I had figured that when this would happen I would at least have someone by my side to share life on a day to day basis; that hasn’t happened according to plan. Few things, I am finding actually truly fit a molded plan; therefore, I devise some loosely molded plans to make things work and come to forward as an accomplishment. That way, I am not quite so disappointed when things don’t come forward exactly as to plan.

I moved to a smaller apartment at that time to save money, etc.; however, coming with the smaller apartment is also a less means of storing things. Aughhghgh. I have had to be creative about my storage aspects (ie creating an island in the kitchen by stacking 18 large plastic tubs together). Thankfully, I have a larger than normal kitchen for a small apartment!

My goal is to have recreate some even more clever storage aspects, after going through more stuff to minimize my stuff in my home, and find some idea of feng shui existing in my apartment so that I will feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I am at home.

To start, I have created a candle theme in my living room and started printing out my photography with candle themes (my own photography created) and hanging them with black frames. It is a start…

Would love to hear some ideas from others that have created some feng shui in their home….

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for being a Grandma. A friend of mine has a bentwood rocker to hand down to my daughter. Need to pick it up, clean it off, and take it to my daughter’s apartment in preparation for her being a new Mom soon.

What accessories would you suggest for the rocker???

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I have worked as an administrative in a variety of fields, been a paralegal, worked and volunteered as an advocate, and moved forward to getting some education in the biotechnology field.

By the end of the year, I hope to be employed in the biotechnology field in order to be on my way to improve my career options. Any suggestions on biotechnology companies best to work for???

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by taking photos of crosses, but I have a long ways to go. I don’t know how to find a publisher though and put the whole thing together.

Any ideas????

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My Grandma

was my role model in having sewn many quilts for all of us grandchildren, who had learned how to sew quilts from her own Mother.

I have sewn one with my Grandma when she was alive; now I would love to sew my own many, many, many years later. Just need some incentives—one being my granddaughter to make her debut on/about July 8th.

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has been more than just a hobby of mine; it has become throughout the years a passion. I have entered several contests and have won on occasion. Would like to make money at this someday; however, I haven’t a clue where to start. Does anyone have some ideas to begin???

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on July 8th with their first daughter; my first granddaughter. Am I prepared? Can anyone truly be??? 😉

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀 › Create New Post — WordPress

The site has been updated with more blogging sites that I have written, some additional spiritual and self-help sites, as well some blurbs about the upcoming and promising rise and glory of the Texas bluebonnets along and throughout all of the Texas Highways.

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

Updated site with more links regarding Concordia University’s move to FM 620, as well as its Accelerated Degree Program.

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “WIM” 😀

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Just discovered this site tonight. An attempt is being made to connect ALL my blogsites to this through the blogroll, at the very least.

This seems to be a fairly sophisticated site, so bear with me as I work through any and all kinks I might encounter.

In the meantime, there are plenty of blogs listed on the blogroll for your perusal pleasure. Looking foward to getting to know others connected to this wordpress.com site.

Blessings to all.

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