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Tyra Banks continues her “So What!” Campaign by having a Belly Brigade, which aired on April 26, 2007. I missed that showing, but enjoyed seeing it re-ran tonight on the television.

If you missed it, certainly it awe inspiring to anyone who feels like they have some flaws that they are not proud of; and, who of us doesn’t have some degree of flaws or misgivings about ourselves in one way or another — just saying to ourselves, “If only this…” or “If only that…” (and if we don’t say it to ourselves, we have been told repetitively these things about ourselves to the point that we actually believe them.

It is a “take charge” and “feel good” movement that Tyra Banks started as a result of a little negativity about herself. Well it has spread! One young girl even created a “pay it forward” approach by telling it to a group of her friends on a video with the edict that they each have to “pay it forward” (so to speak) to two other people. If this campaign hasn’t already taken the nation by storm enough, this young girl may be able to set forth the campaign into motion by making two other people realize “So What!” about themselves and take a different look at themselves.

The challenge is – “What is your ‘So What!’ attitude to regain your own self-esteem and image about yourself?”

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Plus, learn more about the “Pay It Forward Foundation” as started by the novelist who wrote the book “Pay It Forward”, as well as read about others’ who have sparked the continuation of the “Pay It Forward Movement”.

What say you???? 😀

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Tyra Banks’ “So What!” Campaign is such a great movement to set forward. There are so many people out there that have such low self-esteem about themselves. Sometimes, largely due to fitting into the image of what other folks “think” that they should be. Why should that matter???

Tyra Banks often states throughout her ongoing campaign:

Every woman has something in her life she has to fight to overcome…whether it’s a body issue, a relationship crisis, an emotional challenge or a fashion emergency! Rather than wallowing in the negative, why not embrace the positive?”

I can understand wanting to fit into the morals and beliefs of the society insofar as being good in the sense of being non-criminalistic; however, being “good” doesn’t have to mean that you fit into a size 5 outfit when you are a size 26. Some expectations are not real or reasonable. Insolong as your size 26 isn’t posing any health risks, why care if the typical modeling look is a size 5? Is a size 5 even happy about their lives? Isn’t it more important to be happy and enjoy your life???

Relationships aren’t built solely on the outside packaging. They are built upon what a person sees in the other’s soul, personality, nature, emotions, etc. Those who build their relationships that they surround themselves with (either on a organizational or personal level) purely upon the outside packaging, they are indeed missing out on the relationships that are built upon common interests, personalities, emotions, etc. that add to the reason for living on this grand earth we call home.

Life is limited to what we know of it as we exist in the past, present and future. Why waste the time on earth without getting to know our neighbors and friends and build lasting relationships???

Not sure that I would, at my size, want to be pictured in a red swimsuit with the number of my weight on my chest; but, I do wish that there would be far less judgemental people in our world and base their opinions of others for who they are and not who they should be in their eyes! I am beautiful i my own right; hear me roar!! lol….

If you have a “So What!” comment, please add here and/or submit to the Tyra Banks’ “So What!” Campaign.

Someone might want to have a talk with Dr. Phil before he does his May 4th show! 🙂

UPDATE:  See about the April showing of the “So What!” Belly Brigade!!

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