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In the past month or so there has been some emails circulating fast and furiously wanting people to not pump gas on May 15, 2007, but as pointed out in my posting entitled, “May 15, 2007, Gas Out Misgivings”,  Snopes argues that it isn’t an effective approach to take because it merely shifts the day that the consumer purchases gas rather than having any real effect affecting the gas and oil  conglomerates.    I made a suggestion of giving up traveling for our summer vacations this summer and just rely on our own hometown offerings for our summer vacation.  No feedback has been given on this though.

At any rate, various resources announced yesterday that the Texas Leglistators are considering passing a temporary three-month fix for the soaring gas prices by taking off the gas tax for three months.  The problem is that the gas/oil companies won’t necessarily suffer from the long-term consequences of the “feel good” measure, it will be more than likely things like fundings for a variety of education, road repair, and other much needed programs.

Not sure what the answer should be, but there should be a good resolve out there if we look hard enough and, perhaps, keep knocking on the doors of the oil/gas industry to let them know that we cannot afford the soaring prices within the boundaries of our incomes to afford ourselves, and our families, to thrive for existance in today’s economy.

Some of the resources reporting the Texas Legislator’s Proposal to date:

Gas Tax Vacation Eyed

House Votes for Gas Tax Break

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having the oil/gas companies fund our health care programs, from the obvious profits that they are squirreling away, so that everyone can have access to health care equally???

Either the oil/gas companies will tire of having to foot the health care access bills or they will drop the oil/gas prices in effort to get out of paying for the health care access for all.


Sad, but it could happen — couldn’t it???       😉

Just a thought!

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will you be getting money back from Uncle Sam this year???


I was chasing post offices for dropping off the envelope containing my extension request because I, after procrastinating for a couple of months, I couldn’t find where I had left that stack of papers! Well, I didn’t exactly have to chase down post offices, but it did take me a while to figure out where it was in the dark. Many years ago, we would take it downtown but that all changed when they built the post office facility on the northeastern outskirts of town.

Being that I generally email to communicate these days and pay my bills online, I have no real need for the post office any more. I just check my mailbox daily for mail still being delivered to me these days.

When I finally found it, the postmen were great with great humor although they had rain ponchos on to persevere through the earlier rain storm. They had a great system down and huge truck heading over to the IRS facility. I have often wondered that, since we live in the same city as the big city for the IRS facility for the State of Texas, why should we have to put the post stamp on the envelope and hand it to the postman when we could drive to the facility just as easily off of IH35 and hand it directly to them themselves. Wouldn’t it just make sense?? Oh, well… I guess we humor them by taking it to the post office and having them go through the protocol of postmarking the envelope.

Although I still haven’t found my special stack of papers, on a positive note, my apartment is cleared of some extra clutter that had been piling up while I was sick a few weeks ago and my crazy hours at work. Hope the event of preparing your tax returns hasn’t given you the tax return blues this year…

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