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One leg of his life journey — the whole story yet to be unfolded before our eyes.  Are you reaching for your dreams??? or, are you willing to procrastinate your entire life away???


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Well, it isn’t exactly “where” that you should be asking, but “who” is Stanley Wood “Pack” Landfair?  He is a former catcher for University of Texas (majoring in English and Creative Writing) who has been on a trek to see the world (within the boundaries of the 48 states) in a year’s time to help him launch his writing career ahead of his life path he had chosen for himself due to a spinal injury.  The injury kept him from pursuing his dream of first becoming a Navy Seal then a writer; but, when the injury occurred, he turned his sights directly upon becoming a writer.

Launched upon a motorcycle with a backpack, he is no different than many folks do after they have graduated in order to find themselves and know what directions they want to head into their lives.  A prime example of this was depicted in the offbeat but famed movie called The Motorcycle Diaries where two friends take off on motorcycles to take a tour around South America, where the phrase became important, “Let the World Change You … and You can Change the World!”

Becoming more like a “Where’s Waldo” type of figure of mystique, he has traveled in many states already and is still on his journey (just check here to see where he is heading to next).  To find out more about his journey that he has taken, be sure to read his journal entries that he is posting on his website (www.woodrowlandfair.com).  The journal entries are definitely worth the while to read.

It certainly makes one envious in wanting to go off and explore as well.  There is much to our own lands to see — with differing peoples, cultures, customs, etc.  I love taking daytrips and exploring; wish that would also pay the bills!!!  In the meantime, we can all live vicariously through him and his travels — for now!! 😀

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