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Domestic violence cases seem to prevail in spite of all the efforts of the advocates across the United States and throughout the world; however, that doesn’t stop the advocates from continuing to try.  One focus has turned its head towards the affects upon childhood trauma.  One such foundation taking this focus in their hands is the Makers of Memories with its public policy initiative:

The Makers of Memories Public Policy Initiative, launched earlier this month in Washington DC, has already begun to develop momentum towards our two key objectives of:

1) raising awareness about the problem of childhood exposure to domestic violence; and

2) developing a set of solutions to address this problem.

Participants from a wide range of national nonprofit organizations have agreed to collaborate on the educational content and distribution of our documentary film project, 43 Million Secrets, and have contacted us to explore ways that we can work together to motivate leaders and policy makers to take action to provide support and assistance to children who experience domestic violence. We also are exploring programmatic initiatives with these organizations. Some of the individuals and organizations we have engaged to collaborate on our work are featured below in the images from our meeting in Washington DC on June 14.

via Makers of Memories.

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Quite possibly! In response to another blogger’s blog posting, I responded:

“It is indeed something to think about… China, Mexico, and many other countries are mass producing things for us….

but, flags have to rise when are products are being imported tainted with things that could kill each and every one of us and the environment we know it to be.

As ecological conscience we Americans are purported to be, you would think that the ecological organizations would also rise to the occasion to speak out and alert American Businesses to quickly begin to rethink our mass productions to be done here in the States for the safety consideration of one and all here.

Can you tell? It most certainly has been on my mind lately……”

What was his blog posting…. See below:

“With a lot of manufacturing jobs moving over to China, are we setting ourselves up for failure???? Hmmmmmmm…….

Let’s look at the facts that have been uncovered in recent months. I’ll start with the mass pet food recall that killed several pets. The cause of the recall was because of contaminated ingredient glutin, which was imported from China.

It gets worse. The U.S. is importing seafood from China. Some of it is farm raised in ponds that the EPA would condem. This food is not being properly inspected and tested by the FDA. Yet, we Americans keep buying it.

And for the latest, Matel is recalling millions of toys because the paint used on them contains excessive amounts of lead. And these toys are made guess where… That’s right! China.

Are we really better off getting our food and goods from China? They could be taking us down without us even knowing it. What would happen if the U.S. got involved in a major war similar to WWII? We would not have the manufacturing capabilities to produce the goods necessary to defend ourselves like we did during WWII. We will not have the experienced workers necessay to man the factories, let alone the factories to make the goods.

Think about it………”

What do you think? Have you been trying to sort out the madness lately in the news????


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Per the 80th Legislation article in the Austin American Statesman today,

Day care owners balk at costly new background checks for employees

Children’s advocates, bill author say the fingerprint checks are key for safety

it indicates that the child care workers are all riled up over Governor Perry signing into law that will require a $50 fingerprint background checks for their employees because they have a “high turnover” of employees.

Somehow, I don’t think that they have a valid point, especially, when it comes to the care of our society’s children while parents are having to work to make ends meet for their families.  While I agree that the average day care worker won’t be able to afford $50 for a background check when they job hop between day care employers due to the wage expectations in that industry, nothing can be more valuable than to ensure the safety and well-being of our children from predators preying upon our children.

After all, we have all heard the stories of sexual offenders who have driven buses and taught or worked in the school districts, let alone the horror stories we have heard of day care workers that have been hired that have had shady pasts.  To me, anything that we do to ensure the safety of the children should be of the utmost concern; if that means, too, that the dynamics of the hopping day care worker changes, then so be it!

I am surprised though, too, that there seems to be a doubling of the fees of the fingerprinting  as they used to be $10 or $12 for State fingerprinting/criminal check and $25 for the Federal fingerprinting/criminal check, from what I remembered in the past.

At any rate, perhaps, if the day care licensing authorities post the approved day care licensed worker on a public access database so that the day care working highering authorities could at least have the option of checking their license approval online versus requiring each and every employee being hired to re-go through the fingerprinting/criminal background check (similar to that already established for the private security officers through the Private Security Commission under the umbrella of the TxDPS, it may curtail some of the repetitive hiring processing costs.  Just a thought.

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I certainly hope so.  Texas has been aggressive against sites, such as MySpace.com, to provide them with the Sex Offenders on their sites, especially after having to sue them for their accountability after some children were attacked by sexual predators when they went to meet them in person.  I am sure that will only make the sex offenders try to be a little more clever in hiding their identities, but at least there will be some cooperation from MySpace to hand over the names and identities used on the sites so that the authorities can crack down on these offenders who are not allowed to be on the computer sites as part of their agreements to be living among society.

Will this completely protect our children on such sites from all sexual predators? Not likely from all as some have merely not been caught — yet.  However, any steps moving in aggressive measures  is certainly a pro-active measure indeed and holds those sites accountable!


MyFoxAustin, MySpace to Share Sex Offender Data

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Your say is needed to make sure that DV programs are funded.  Lifetime is pushing the petition to be signed and states the following:

Tell Congress to fund critical programs that help thousands of victims of domestic, dating and sexual violence

Sign the Petition In just a single day, domestic violence programs served nearly 50,000 adults and children in the United States.* These programs provide emergency shelter, counseling and legal services critical to families trying to escape abusive homes and break the cycle of violence.

Every 2.5 minutes another American is sexually assaulted.** Rape crisis centers, schools and clinics across the country offer medical assistance, counseling and prevention programs.

Today, these lifesaving programs are in jeopardy if Congress does not decide to fully fund the landmark Violence Against Women Act of 2005, which Lifetime viewers helped to make law.

You can help again! Make your voice heard by signing this petition to urge Congress to give the funding needed to keep the doors of shelters, rape crisis centers, and prevention programs open and ready to rebuild lives and make communities safer.

*”Domestic Violence Counts,” National Network to End Domestic Violence, March 2007
**RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), calculation based on United States Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey


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So Italian sounding is the name “paparazzi” that one presumes that it is all good, so associated with the good eats that the Italians have — ie, “Pizza, pizza!!” — however, a paparazzi can never really be good news.  While keeping some celebrities in line with the social graces by exposing their bad behaviors to the public, the barrage of “in your face” photographers expose what is the otherwise surreal life that we see of the celebrities on the screen, plays, political stances, etc., with the realness of who and what they truly represent.

It is thought that Princess Di was victimized by the paparrazi who chased her in the car driven by her driver on that fateful evening.  This shocked the world and the reality of the damages that the paparrazi could do suddenly became front and center.

I love to take photographs of people, but I respect their boundaries for privacy and the right to live a life without being felt like a fish in a fishbowl.  Their job is for entertaining oftentimes, and yet their reward is constant view into their lives, such as in the movie “The Truman Show” where I am sure they often wonder where their job and personal lives are separated and how they can bring up their own children and have family lives of their own without the parrazi always breathing down their necks, although, I suppose they are getting a litte bit better about that at time until a greedy photographer gets obsessed in getting that one photograph that will make them boo-koos of money.  At that point, what really truly separates them from being categorized as stalkers?  Don’t the celebrities deserve to live lives stalker free too???

In a recent incident in Prague, it was said that:

“On Friday, their presence as they were leaving their son Maddox’s (5) kindergarten in Prague, caused quite a stir, witnesses said.  

Angelina Jolie is making the movie Wanted in Prague until the end of May. It is a film adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel in which she stars alongside James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman.  

On Tuesday evening, their presence in a restaurant in the old city also caused a fight among the paparazzi from France, Germany, the U.S. and England, which almost escalated to violence.”

It was not indicated what “violence” was almost had, however, the paparazzi should never get to the point of any degree of violence.  If they do, they are truly no better than any stalker threatening their safety and right to some degree of privacy in their lives.


Anti-Stalking Website

Common Traits of Stalkers

Stalkers and Their Victims

Definitions of Various Types of Stalkers

in re paparazzi’s —

Richards denies using paparazzi during divorce

Jolie – Pitt and the Paparazzi in Prague

Chasing Celebrities CBS 2 HD Follows Paparazzi:  Our Cameras Gets Firsthand Look at How it Works

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When does a Protective Order become more than “Just a piece of paper”? When you advocate for programs like this come into place in your state!! See the following article

Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

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I can understand that there is a reason to be quiet about notification rather than send the residents into a panic; but, geez this apartment complex needs to exercise some sense. They are talking about an alleged sexual assault (just because it is alleged doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen; just means that the crime suspect is innocent until proven guilty).

Is the apartment complex going to sit there until all the facts are in? Perhaps, at least, a confirmation that a report has been made (either to their office or to the police authorities).

Are they going to wait for trial before they announce that the sexual assault predator was on their property? Now, that would indeed seem preposterous as everyone knows that the trials can take for-ever to come around and the suspect may or may not be actually found guilty from a matter of 6 months to a year, perhaps more — all depending on the caseload upon the Courts already — although everyone is entitled to a “speedy trial”.

What about the children of the residents who tend to play outside (sometimes even unintended)? Wouldn’t it make sense that the parents be notified so that they can keep an extra close eye on their children outdoors. After all, how can the apartment complex make the decision that just because the alleged MO might have been an adult to adult situation; how could they determine that the predator was someone who prefer children but merely found an opportunity of an adult?

What about those who tend to come in after sunset? Don’t they deserve to know that, while they probably do exercise caution and basic awareness of their surroundings, they might want to exercise an extra set of caution and awareness? How can the apartment complex (even if it is based on the Austin Police Department’s Detective recommendations) assure that the predator won’t continue to prey? Are they really willing to make that risk?

How would their ownership insurance of the property feel about the increased risk caused by the lack of response and concern to the safety of their residents? I think that they would be extremely alarmed by the slow reaction time of the management.

In Fox’s article, Neighbors Upset with Police for Not Being Told About Sex Assault, they mentioned:

Neighbors are angry and frightened after they say Austin Police left then in the dark about a sex crime in their own backyard. Residents at the Jefferson at Canyon Creek Apartments in Northwest Austin say they learned about the sex assault from the local news one month after the crime occurred. As FOX 7’s Foti Kallergis reports, the sexual assault suspect is still on the run.”

In Fox’s subsequent follow up article (appearing on the site on the same day), Sex Assault Suspect Still on Run, stated:

“One month after a man sexually assaults a woman in Northwest Austin, police have released a sketch of the suspect.

Investigators say last month, a woman was walking her dog near the Jefferson at Canyon Creek Apartments in the 11000 block of Four Points Drive shortly after 1:00 a.m. Police say just as she was opening her door to get into her apartment, a man came behind her, forced his way in, and sexually assaulted her.


For the last month, the victim has been working with A.P.D. to help identify the man.


He is described as:


White male
21 to 22-years-old
6′ to 6’2”
Muscular build, clean cut
Last seen wearing a baseball cap and long sleeve shirt..


Police describe him as a preppy fraternity boy meets construction worker. The victim was also able to describe a class ring attached to a chain and a thick belt buckle. You can see the police sketches of the suspect and his belongings in the photos associated with this story.


At this time detectives believe it was an isolated incident and even say the suspect may be living at the apartment complex.


“[The suspect] said he was very intoxicated, so he could have been someone who was coming home from drinking or something. It was more of a crime of opportunity than someone who was hiding out,” says Det. Scott Stanfield with the Austin Police Dept.


If you recognize the person in the sketch, you are asked to call the A.P.D. sex crimes tip line number at (512) 974-5095.”

A few things bother me, besides the story and story’s follow up have been posted on the same day, that (1) the incident occurred several months ago, (2) lack of response of the apartment management to notify the residents about the incident having occurred on the property a month ago when it occurred, (3) lack of duty of care from the management to make the residents safe, (4) them presuming that it might just be an isolated incident, and the possibility that the alleged perpetrator may live on the property.

Because I do live in Austin, I heard Channel 42’s News mention the name of the apartment complex of Tintara at Canyon Creek in their news broadcast tonight and on the video, while the stories written mention Jefferson at Canyon Creek. They are really two separate properties although they have access between the two properties since they are owned by the same owner, which is really a moot point. There are neighboring apartment complexes, residential neighborhoods, and businesses that deserved the right to know as well. As soon as they had the composite sketch, they should have posted it at the mailboxes of all the communities and windows of all the businesses. The chances that they would have the perpetrator by now would have dramatically increased by the prompt action.

Of course, the news broadcast mentions that the victim had just come along to the police station to provide a sketch description of the perpetrator this week; however, the sketch should have been released immediately.

UPDATE: Tintara Management respond as per Channel 42’s News, but blames the security officer for just notifying them of the incident. Somehow, I don’t think that the residents are going to be comforted any by that response read on the station.

UPDATE:  More information and details about the sexual assault crime from Austin Police Department.

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is the name of an article (subtitled – Shattered by loss and overcome with lonliness) in the February 2007 issue of Vogue written by a woman (Joyce Maynard), who is an author of a syndicated column, who found herself being a penpal with a man in prison.

The article is interesting and intriguing as you want to know why does a woman with seemingly intelligence get involved and scooped into the realms of having any sort of a relationship with a someone in prison. After all, what kind of life can that be? Someone who may never leave the walls of the prison; someone that is in prison for some sort of a horrendous crime; etc. Just like the Mendez brothers, who killed their parents years ago, maintaining some level of relationship with women who are now, I believe, their girlfriends.

Joyce offers us an insight as we begin to read the article:

“I will tell you now one thing about men in prison:

As much time as the rest of us spend going to jobs, taking care of our houses and meals, our children, our pets, carrying on relationships and breakups, paying bills — having sex perhaps, if we are fortunate — that is time men in prison have for writing letters. Not surprisingly, they get good at it.”

I bet! Who wouldn’t be able to master the art of writing without given too much else to do within those prison walls. Strangely enough she indicates that he doesn’t write much about his life in prison. One would think that he would, but instead he talked about his past life, one that he could intertwine with what she could actually relate to — his family, his child, etc.

She goes on, further, to explain her justification for anxiously waiting for his continual correspondence with him by stating:

“I know how this sounds.  So I will say, in my defense, what any woman who has been single for a while probably knows already.  I had been out in the world of single womanhood long enough by this point to understand that just because a man you may be dating is a cardiac surgeon, say, or a tenured professor at some Ivy League University, or a partner in a major Boston law firm is no guarantee that he won’t be a sociopath.”

This is so very true; after all, we hear about very worldly folks being victimized of domestic violence just as much as those neighbors just down your street or in the next neighborhood over from you.

I have heard of other people getting involved with the prisoners, thinking that they could help them and, just perhaps, they could right a wrong and help them to see justice. Truth of the matter is though that true justice is that they are probably still in prison.

The prisoners are called “con” men oftentimes for a good reason. They didn’t get there because they did any good for someone; generally speaking, most of them got where they are by doing some form of a con or criminalistic action.

Oftentimes, they “reel” someone into their “good” side by presenting them with things that they can indeed identify with. With the technology available out there today, they are not limited to just letter writing, unless they have no access to the internet; however, some of the prisoners do have internet access, even if on a very limited basis.

Some of the ways to determine if you might be dealing with a con in prison, one can:

1. Ask to view them on a cam. Sometimes, they will have one available that you can see; however, they often won’t let you see them on a cam because you will be able to see them in the same outfit each and every day. Of course, this isn’t a fail proof system because there are many that won’t set up a cam because of the perverts out there who only want to cam for one thing only.

2. Ask them to send photographs of themselves. If all the photos look like mug shots (or in the same outfit), that is certainly a good sign that they are in prison. They have limited options of taking photos where it doesn’t look like they are in some sort of an institution.

3. Check the times that your emails or IMs are sent to you. If they have access to a computer, it might be that they are with a limited access timeframe and schedule. If you are getting emails and IMs at the same time of the day or night, it just might be a good sign that they are in some sort of an institution requiring a rigid routine process.

4. Ask them about what they did in the day. If they don’t talk about their activities there and just talk about the past, it is a good chance that they are avoiding about telling about today’s activities — they are as mundane as they can be from one day to the next.

5. Be concerned if they get upset or focused upon a particular subject matter consistently. Sometimes this is a sign of a matter that is particularly close to them because they have felt that they have been wronged by the justice system. When they feel that they have obtained a certain degree of a level of confidence, they are going to springboard you into action to help them appeal their case, which is also a good sign that they had pegged you from the beginning that might be able to have influence on the justice system – writers, reporters, lawyers, paralegals, and many of the other occupations can be susceptible to being pursued by a con.

When you find that you are being wooed by a con, there are several things that you can do:

1. Don’t communicate with him anymore; and, block his emails and IMs.  Remember they are the one in prison; not you.  If they are determined to find the person to help them, they will give up and move on to another target person.

2. Report the convict to the police. Hopefully, you haven’t given the convict your home address.

3. Report the convict to the warden at the prison. As much as they try to control the communication, they need to know if they need to pay particular attention to one of their convicts.

To exercise safety in the future from a predator convict (or anyone you communicate with), be sure to:

1. Never give out your personal information — especially, your home address, phone number, etc. Remember sometimes folks can search your phone number and find your address. Always exercise caution.

2. Be wary of those who contact you and want to accelerate a relationship really fast.

3. Always be observant of who you are talking to, what they are talking about, and how they communicate with you.

4. Make sure you can truly trust a person.

5. If you must meet a person, always meet them in a public place. I would suggest this for the first few hundred times. Well, not necessarily that much; but, make sure you are absolutely comfortable with them. Many of the cons who are out and about, can be quite conniving as they are very charming and charismatic. Of course, if he is in prison, he will never be able to manage to meet you in person.

Of course, nothing is set in stone. Just because a person fits the bill under one potential flag instance, doesn’t mean that they are necessarily a convict; however, if there are more than one potential flag instances waving, I would certainly suggest that you put up your guard and walls of protection immediately. It is always better to error on the side of caution rather to find out that your error was not to pay close enough attention to your instincts!

Eerie is the feeling one gets to read Joyce’s article wherein, even until the end of the article, she is still longing about the relationship with this man, a man who will never see the light of the day outside of the walls of the prision walls.  She states that she doesn’t visit him, but romantiziing about a relationship that will never be in flesh is indeed very surreal.  It is sad to think that one would even seem to desire to seemingly give up on the real life to have a surreal existance.  This is not living in the present.

One must, no matter how lonely one might think they are, sink their heels in the soil of the terra Earth and look for ways to live and live safely!  One should never place themselves in a situation to be a prisoner of love; one deserves so much more!!

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

Check out pictures from last year’s SafePlace Walk (2006) to see the excitement and fun that you will have at this year’s Safe Place Walk (2007) who raises funds for domestic violence and sexual assault programs in the Austin area. See you all there on Saturday, April 14th!

[rockyou id=38423391&w=426&h=320]

Don’t forget to also check out my Cross Project that I am working upon as well. It is a collection of photos of crosses that I am, currently, finding throughout the Greater Austin Area.   I am seeking out a publication commitment as well for part of this project.  Any ideas/suggestions, please let me know.

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

The site has been updated with additional domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, healthy living, teen dating helps and sites, as well as a links to articles on domestic violence, predator safety, child internet protection, and so much more.  Come take a look and explore.  While the site is still under constant construction, it is shaping up with a lot of useful information, spiritual guidance, and self-help sites.

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