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This is the theme for this week’s National Volunteer Week as proclaimed by every President since 1974, as sponsered by the USA Freedom Corps and Points of Light Foundation.   

I am, myself, a huge advocate of volunteering.  In the past 30 some odd years, I have been known to volunteer for political campaigns, CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Family Eldercare (Elder Advocate and Guardian), GAL (Guardian Ad Litem), Big Brothers – Big Sisters Program (Mentor to Children), Victim’s Advocate, and so much more.  I feel that the best way that we can best help give back to our communities is through helping others in the various programs that are aimed at helping special focuses on needs – whether it is to act as a voice in court, helping to spread messages, being their friend, helping a victim regain their life after a trauma, etc.

I try to lead by example and, hopefully, my daughter will also follow in my footsteps as she gets older.  In the meantime, I have certainly tried to influence and encourage others to do their part in their local community schools, Churches, police stations, libraries, etc.  The diversity of the volunteering opportunities is emense and never ending.  There is always someone looking for some help – some where, some way!!

Please look to the right column under “Volunteering” for some ways to find out where the best for you to volunteer might be.  Check with your local library or police department to see what special activities might be happening in your community to promote volunteering.  Look for ways that you might be able to get involved to help your community today!!

Additional resources about the National Volunteer Week:

To learn more about National Volunteer Week and how you may observe it, visit http://www.usafreedomcorps.gov/about_usafc/special/nvw.asp.

For further information on mentoring as an opportunity to volunteer, visit http://www.mentoring.org/mentor_minute/national_volunteer_week_coming_soon.php.

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in the Worldly Inquiring Mind site.  I have updated this site within the last few days with a variety of resources concerning advocacy and self help, shopping, healthy living, Texas history, Texas Travel, Publishing, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Missing Children, Spiritual Growth and oh so much more.  Be sure to come and explore soon what you might be missing!!

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This past week First Lady Laura Bush announced the decision of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to open up a Regional Office which is to become one of the hubs for the organizations efforts to find missing and exploited children, many of who are missing from the Texas area as well. I am excited because it is a proactive measure to combat this problem, as well as other related issues.

Check out my new tab above entitled, TEXAS’ MISSING CHILDREN CENTER, to see my ongoing updates regarding this new center and its efforts.

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