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This woman was amazing in Xela, Guatemala. She was with another woman that was selling wool rugs one morning at our hotel in Xela when I was there in 2003 for a mission trip. One day, I broke away from the group and walked towards the mercado area in town. I bought some bread from a vendor and she saw me and told me about the bread I was buying in her broken english. Afterwards, she wanted me to buy some of her fabrics from her and I had already been on a mission to find the internet cafe to send off some emails back to friends and family. Afterwards, she was still there and called out, “Katrina, you…buy??? Me made. Beautiful, yes???” I couldn’t help but smile and seeing that she was still there. I bought one of the fabrics she had woven. I asked her to hold it for me so that I could get a picture of her with the fabric.


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I have tons of photos from my Guatemala Mission trip that I am very proud of to show off to everyone. This is after our venture in Tikal, Guatemala, and heading to the airport. We stopped at an island known for their black pottery (where I bought a black pottery vase) and shopped for a bit. Before heading back on our venture to the airport (which was another whole experience to getting to Tikal from Guatemala City), we stopped in this hole in the wall restaurant. A co-delegate on the mission trip and I had decided we weren’t extremely famished so we thought we would split an order of a fish marinated in a type of sweet and sour sauce (with a slightly different flavor from the chinese sweet and sour sauce) and some vegetables.

When the extra large platter arrived, we were certainly glad that had split this order! It even had an eye on it. I choose the none-eye side; wasn’t too sure that I would want to look at the eye while eating it. Somehow that made it just seem a little tooooo fresh! lol…


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