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I got the opportunity to view this new social site through a *.tv broadcast today.  It poses some interesting opportunities, although I’m not sure that I would like to be on a webcam throughout the experience.  lol…

On this page is the interactive tour link so that you, too, can have an opportunity to view the interactive nature of this project in development that can take social media networking to an all new level.  Take a look and decide for yourself.

They’re currently testing with a small number of folks before it’s ready for everyone; however, you can sign up to be notified on this page too once it is released for public interaction and exploration.

I’m looking forward to it; how about you?




The Google+ project: real life sharing, rethought for the web..



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Great businesses often start from being frustrated from others not necessarily meeting your own needs.  A friend’s husband has started this Your Chill Zone site as an alternate to MySpace in a sense, although not as populated.

Please go check it out sometime and let them know what you think; the more feedback he can get, the more opportunity he can have to improve Your Chill Zone.
Check it out by clicking here… Your Chill Zone!!

* Create Groups

* Musicians

* Resumes

* Past Events

* Band Calendars

* Personal Calendars 

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and its coffee and end tables so quickly on Craigslist has certainly encouraged me to go ahead and place the glass dining room table on Craigslist as well.

At the beginning of many of the Craigslist postings is the disclaimer, “Avoid scammer fraud”, and it provides one with some very helpful tips:

Avoiding scams and fraud craigslist help forum

You can sidestep would-be scammers by following these common-sense rules:

DEAL LOCALLY WITH FOLKS YOU CAN MEET IN PERSON – follow this one simple rule and you will avoid 99% of the scam attempts on craigslist.

NEVER WIRE FUNDS VIA WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM or any other wire service – anyone who asks you to do so is a scammer.


CRAIGSLIST IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TRANSACTION, and does not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer “buyer protection” or “seller certification”

NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION (bank account number, social security number, eBay/PayPal info, etc.)


Unfortunately, the first bite I had on my dining room set appears to be from one of these scammer folks. I simply responded to him, “Where are you? I normally deal with local people.” Hopefully, this will end the conversation there and will enable me to get a true buyer.

Caveat emptor. (Buyer be aware.)

Perhaps, what should also be said…”Seller be aware of buyers with crooked mouths!”


In the meantime, I am not giving up on my dining room set being sold soon. Next up!!! 😀

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for my Lazy Boy recliner love seat and chair, as well as coffee table and end tables. Just so need the space. Been in the apartment for 1-1/2 years and it is extra stuff that is taking up way too much space for now. Kept hanging on to them because I wanted to have access to them when I move into my house; but, that isn’t happening right away. Just signed another year lease at my apartment.

How successful it will be will soon be seen. I’ll let you know.

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This has seemed to be such a great idea to help disperse my book collection to good use. Anyone have any experience with this program as being successful for them???

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Seeing a blurb in SparkPeople in posing the question, “Is Procrastination Curable?”, I decided that it just might be a great time to write about it (that ugly word we all hate to admit to – procrastination):

“Procrastination. Putting off until tomorrow what you could do today. Is there a more counterproductive habit around? It causes more stress and anxiety than the Grinch in December. Procrastination solves nothing and usually makes things worse. It piles up unfinished business that lurks in and preoccupies the dark corners of your brain. You hope the pile will disappear, but for some reason it doesn’t. The worst part is that once we put off things we’d rather not do, we start to delay the fun stuff as well. How many times have you said “no” to an opportunity because you had to take care of something you put off earlier? How many lost opportunities can you accept? Let’s make action a habit instead. Tomorrow, focus on your toughest hurdle first. Get just that one thing out of the way and enjoy the rest of the day. Be firm and don’t let yourself off the hook. After all, it’s not going away. Follow that one strategy and you’ll be surprised how the momentum carries through the rest of the day. Do it now!!”


Procrastination can often rear its ugly head up in my world…

* cleaning house and decluttering one’s own life (in and outside of the home)

* remembering to take care of own’s own health before the needs of others around us (taking care of others is important, but without our own health in good shape, we aren’t going to be any good to them)

* writing a blog posting on a difficult (often controversial) subject matter

* remembering to have some humor and laughter in one’s own life (after all, laughter and humor can oftentimes be the best medicine in this world)

* delaying responding to a job offer or date because one thinks too long about it

* remembering to love yourself as well as others around yourself

* delaying to buy something that you really need while it is on sale

* remembering to say prayers for others around you (so often we pray for our own needs naturally before praying for others) and maintain the spirituality in our lives

* writing or calling a friend even just to tell them that you are thinking about them rather than waiting until you have something truly earth shattering to say

* remembering to continue to build relationships around us (building relationships is a two way street; if you haven’t heard from someone lately, contact them today!)

* taking time for oneself to have a vacation from work thinking that the needs of the business may not survive if you are not there

* remembering to be one’s own best advocate

* being that part of the village that helps a child

* remembering that we don’t have to be paid for everything that we do; it is okay to volunteer your time to meeting the needs of others

* and, so very much more!!

We all do it — procrastinate on some degree or level.   Recently, I have been guilty of it as well and have begun to take action.  For example, oftentimes, I will just let some ailments cure themselves; however, I have advocated for myself and found a way to get the treatment that I needed most immediately in order to feel “whole” and “healthy” in spite of having no insurance to pay for the needed care.  It took some whining and stomping of feet in an sense to get what I needed done, but after a lot of pleading, it has been taken care of this weekend.  Although the aftermath is currently a bit painful, it is certainly a window of opportunity to feel healthy again.

I have also done something about the feeling my career may be going as far as it may go by, upon hearing of a grant education opportunity to take a new path, I immediately responded and presented my case and won an opportunity to take that path through some additional education.  I am excited about that opportunity and look forward to learning, once again, about a field of sciences — a path that I should have continued some 30 years ago, but got diverted all because of a physics course that I had been advised wrong about.  That is a long story and all a part of history.

My daughter is about to have a baby girl in a little over a month from now.  I am truly excited about the baby coming into the world and have been enthusiastic in helping them as much as I can.   Because of her anticipated arrival, I have been making an effort to declutter much of my home and life so that focus can be had to help them out whenever possible as well.

I have vowed to make 2007 a part of making it about me this year — no longer procrastinating fussing about getting help for my health ailments that prevent myself being “whole” on the inside; no longer procrastinating about doing  something that might help me get out of the rut that I feel myself in career wise; etc.  Although, I love what I am doing for a career right now, it is barely able to meet the obligations for my bills and nothing left over for me.  I have no money available to do as I would like to do — travel, make myself more healthy, visit friends and family that live far away, etc.

What say you?  It isn’t too late to make 2007 a part of making it all about you either.  It is never too late, it is just delayed greatly if you procrastinate too much.  What procrastinations are you going to put aside to move forward in your life???

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to establish this is the first day to your recovery from a cluttering lifestyle!

When I was much younger living at home I was a much neater type of person and almost on the point of being obsessive to a degree.  I had a daughter in my later years and, eventually, as a single parent I had to choose my battles; be obsessive about cleaning or keep up with my daughter and my jobs I was working upon to afford things for us.

Fast forward. 

Eventually, I was in Houston, Texas, and read an advertisement about a Cluttering Recovery Group.  I had known that things had gotten out of hand and I went to their meeting to see what they would suggest to do.  One of the biggest things I took away from me was the idea of having plastic tubs to assist in the organization.

Then, I became obsessed about having millions (okay, well, not millions, but definitely a lot) of plastic tubs.   From Houston to Cedar Park and then from Cedar Park to Austin, all of these plastic tubs have travelled with me.  Since I have progressively moved to smaller places, it has forced me to actually go through these plastic tubs and eliminate the need for so many tubs and living with stuff all around me!

Speaking of “Stuff”, I have always thought that George Carlin was always speaking to me (similar to just like when you go to Church and the preacher always seems to be preaching directly to you) about “my” stuff being at one place; when going to visit someone, I take some of “my” stuff with me but, especially on vacations, I always manage to bring more “stuff” back with me than what I had left with, etc. LOL….

The Clutterless Recovery Group in Houston was founded by Mike Nelson, an author from Galveston, Texas.  Unfortunately, he also sustained a fire a few years later (after I had moved to Austin, I believe) wherein a lot of his stuff was destroyed.  It brings into perspective how little we often need all of this “stuff” we keep surrounding ourselves with, as well as humanizes the whole issue in that no one is perfect.   He was just happy that he had already begun to get a handle on decluttering his own life.

One thing that Mike mentions on his website about clutters and the Clutterless Recovery Group is: 

When we clutterers understand the psychological and emotional reasons for our cluttering, we can stop cluttering. Cluttering is often a manifestation of issues like depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), attention-deficit disorder or AD/HD (ADD) tendencies we all have. We do not use the terms, messies, packrats, slobs.  These are demeaning and a first step to changing our cluttering mentality is to change our negative self-talk.

Clutterless Recovery Groups believes in a psychological and spiritual approach to changing our cluttering behavior through support groups. Organizing systems are valuable, but before we can apply them, we need to address the underlying psychological, emotional reasons we clutter. How often have you “organized” and found that the clutter just came back? It’s not your fault, it’s not that you don’t know “how” to organize, or that you aren’t motivated. It’s that you’ve been approaching the problem from the outside, not the inside. Professional organizers provide a valuable service, but we have to do the inner work before their systems can be of lasting use to us.”

It just makes sense to take a look at all angles when we begin to focus on our de-cluttering!

With this week being the first day of Spring, as well as being Green Earth Week, it would seem poignant and on target that we establish this as the point of NOW in getting our lives decluttered as we do our Spring Cleaning.

I have put some interesting links to the right under the “De-Cluttering” category that you might find of interest, especially, if you are beginning to explore your options — and, some for if you just need new ideas/suggestions.  Don’t forget to check out the “Fly Lady”; she is hilarious!!

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