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supported and voted for my bluebonnet picture that I submitted to the photo contest (as mentioned to you in my “I have submitted a bluebonnet photo…” posting).  They have selected another photo to be the winner for Week 4 of the Photo Contest. 😦

I am not sure what they are looking for exactly, but there are always other contests! 🙂  Again, thank you, for your support!!

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in the KEYE-TV Photo contest. Be sure to look for this photo in the Week 4 of the Photo Contest for KEYE-TV and place your vote. I win a canvas photo of my photo, when I win! 😀

Rustic Bluebonnetfields

Reminder:  You can vote once a day for the following week for my photo; therefore, bookmark this so you can go to it each day.  The one with the most votes win!!

Thanks, in advance…

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presented in a RockYou format. This certainly has to be one of the best years despite, or because, of the strange weather we had this winter and spring. Check it out…. Bluebonnets (and wildflowers) 2007!

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I am working two shifts today and writing this in between calls and multi-tasking with other things that I am working on as well. The fact that I am able to do this is good because that means that there aren’t as many crisis callers today.

Yesterday was a wonderful day spent looking for bluebonnet photo opportunities, as well as photos for my Cross Project. The Cross Project was interesting as I was welcomed by many Churches (not of my own faith denomination) to go into their Churches and take photos. As such, I met a lot of interesting folks along the way. (The Cross Project photos have been updated, although I have a few more to add later when I create a page for my bluebonnet photos I took yesterday.) The icing on the cake was having fajitas with my daughter and her significant love. I had so much fun there.

This morning, at work, we encouraged one of our coworkers to go home because she was sounding sickly. Another coworker came in a bit later. When we told him that we had encouraged the other coworker to go home, he shared with us a story about being in the subways in NYC. He stated that a very determined woman was walking through the subways pushing her way through, all the while spraying lysol ahead of her just to make sure that she wasn’t going to get sick! Sometimes, I feel like that at times; being sick is no fun indeed, although I don’t get sick too often.

On another note, today is sunny and very windy. North Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area) had two tornados hit last night. While it is windy here in Austin (central Texas), it is very nice out there and doesn’t appear to be the type with tornado capacity; hopefully, it will remain to be a very nice day. We need that for a change!! I am also sure that the SafePlace Walk this morning is very appreciative of the wind and sun; it certainly makes for beautiful weather to walk in and make an impact on awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault programs. I am envious; it looks gorgeous outside of the window in our office.

Okay… just completed the Bluebonnet Project!  Check it out! 😀

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀 › Create New Post — WordPress

Got back this afternoon from my adventure of my ritual, traditional bluebonnet photo hunt this morning. Went along 620, to Hwy 71, to 281 and through Marble Falls, Burnet, to 29 and through Bertram and Liberty Hill, to 183 and through Leander and Cedar Park, to wiggling back to 620 to head back home. Along the way I got some pictures for my Cross Project.

I have updated the page with the Cross Project on it. Check it out!!

I will be updating with photos from my Bluebonnet tour, which ended up getting a lot of other wildflowers as well this year at some phenomenal places, later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Although we were threatened with thunderstorms, hail storms, and possible tornados in the area, they still haven’t arrived just yet. Sun is shinning and it has been a beautiful day after all. Glad I didn’t let the forecast from the weathermen this morning keep me from getting out and about today. I think you will agree that some of these photos are just awesome.

Check back for the bluebonnet photos; however, enjoy the Cross Project photos in the meantime!

More soon!

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Yep. I am 48 years young today!! Unfortunately, the typical aches and pains are here as one gets older. Taking my Aleve now! lol…

Today is also my designated traditional bluebonnet hunt day. This afternoon’s weather is supposed to be not quite so good today – with promises of thunderstorms and possible tornados and hailstorms. So, I am changing clothes soon to head out to take advantage of the non-thunderstorm weather as much as possible.

Will be having dinner tonight with my daughter and her significant love. They are making fajitas — yummmy!! My parents will be in town for a conference this weekend; I’m looking forward to catching up with them as well.

I will try to upload bluebonnet photos tonight; if not, I will be doing so at some point in time tomorrow.

May everyone be blessed…

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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

So much was added today.  More shopping links, Radio-Television-Film links, interesting links on self help and domestic violence issues, Webby Award links and so much more were added.  I added a Sunrise Thoughts article, as well as an article about being careful regarding Imus, a tragic death of a 7 yr old who had been shot while jumping on a trampoline and some personal humorous antedotes of my needing to be careful as well.  Check out my garden flower photos as well.  I just might add some of my Cross Project photos by tomorrow afternoon. 🙂 

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Imus leads the pack in being careful, without doubt.  It was announced today that MSNBC that they will cancel running the simulcast of his show as the sponsors for the advertising have pulled their ads; they may sponsor again at a later time, but not for Imus’ show.  Sometimes, one has to wonder if these folks ever had Mom’s who told them that they “must think before you speak” while they were growing up.   After all, as my Mom would continue, “it just doesn’t show your intelligience, if you don’t think before you speak”.  I know that some people are simply not raised the same as others, but you would hope and pray that there would be much more cooth than that!  At any rate….

In Hays County, a rural county south of the Austin area, horror swept throughout the 5-county region, if not across the nation, as Daniel Galicia, a 7 year old boy, was shot to death while jumping on a trampoline with his friends.  The man who shot the boy claimed that he had been shooting at a target at his own home with his new 22 gauge rifle.  He told the authorities that he thought all his bullets had hit the target; he had no idea that any of his bullets had strayed and certainly didn’t think that they would have hit anything beyond the target.  Apparently, he might not have thought that the children would have been playing in a community in a rural county where the houses were somewhat close together, about 1/3 a mile apart.  The 37 year old man has been charged with manslaughter, a second degree felony that has a maximum sentence of 20 years.  Sometimes, while even being in the country/rural environment one should just use a bit of common sense.

On a lighter note, I need to be a bit careful myself! 

This afternoon after getting off work and running some errands, I stopped by my home to rest up a bit before heading back to work for an 8 hr shift this evening.  I put up some candles that I bought, checked some of my emails, and laid down to rest up.  After some tossing and turning after an ever so brief of a nap, I decided that I would continue my pursuit of photos of flowers and crosses for an upcoming photo project I am working upon.  I turned upside my home looking for my keys as I was getting ready to leave.  Nowhere to be found!  I even asked Gibson and Moobaby (my cats) where in the world have they moved my keys and they looked at me with a very puzzled look.  A lot of help they were!!   After exasperation, I went to look at the front door.  There they were!!  They were still in the door where I left them as I unlocked the door and carried in the store bought items.  Gracious!!  Thank goodness my neighbors are honest. 🙂

I got to the gardens where I wanted to take some of my flower photos.  I succeeded in taking some of them; however, my batteries died.  😦  I was trying to travel light while hiking through the gardens.  *Sigh*  I best not forget my batteries on Friday when I head out on my Bluebonnet Adventure!!

In the meantime, please enjoy some of the garden photos that I did manage to take before my batteries died in the camera….

Garden Flower Shots 1Garden Flower Shots 2Garden Flower Shots 3Garden Photo Shots 4Garden Flower Shots 5Garden Flower Shots 6Garden Flower Shots 7

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are getting nestled in my decor slowly but surely.  Although my passion is bluebonnets, I am trying to be careful to not get too carried away with everything turning into bluebonnets around me.  Check out the BLUEBONNET HUNTS tab above and view my Texas Bluebonnet Decor page with some of the decorations that I have intertwined into my own decor.  See what you think as I continually add more decorations.

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in the Worldly Inquiring Mind site.  I have updated this site within the last few days with a variety of resources concerning advocacy and self help, shopping, healthy living, Texas history, Texas Travel, Publishing, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Missing Children, Spiritual Growth and oh so much more.  Be sure to come and explore soon what you might be missing!!

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has yielded some interesting BLUEBONNET YOUTUBES to check out. Remember the cartoon, Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet, for example? Laurie Lewis & Grant Street also plays “Those Texas Bluebonnets” with the supreme fiddling as well. More to be added throughout the Bluebonnet Hunts.

Maybe I’ll create my own Bluebonnet YouTubes soon and add them here for your enjoyment as well! 😀

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is definitely among us, but are they what all they should be just yet. Check out the page under the BLUEBONNET HUNTS tab above to see what I mean. It is a great time to see other flowers and colorful events, but the best of the bluebonnets are yet to come, I am afraid.

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The Bluebonnet Hunts « Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

Just updated with the latest possibility of a bluebonnet tour group invite.  I am not sure that I will get to go on this trip, but I will certain have a blast, if I do.  I do so love the adventure of searching out for the most perfect Texas Bluebonnet Flower photo. 😀

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Coming home from Church this morning, I have seen signs of bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes in bloom along Bee Caves Rd, Hwy 71, and FM 620! Hooray!!

Each Spring, I make it a yearly ritual to go driving aimlessly in the countryside to find the best field of bluebonnets to photograph and/or best bluebonnet pose/picture period. Since they are coming up vibrant in color already, it is a good sign that they are indeed going to plentiful and colorful since we had a great cold spell this winter. Hooray!!

I am soooo excited. The tentative date I have set is for my birthday, April 13th. I know. It is on a Friday, but did you know that anyone that is born on the 13th, the superstitions run opposite that they do for most people??? 😉

More details later….and perhaps a page full of flowers that I take this Spring. 😀

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