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The inaugual event is going to be about 35 miles west of Austin, off of Hwy 290 in the McDade area, from September 24-25, 2011.  More events also planned from February 11th – April 1st, 2012.

This should all be very interesting place to explore.  The hard economic times certainly lend itself to a need to escape into the mystical fairie tale times that the Sherwood Celtic stories that we have only read about in the past.  No longer, will Austinites have to think that the closest places for Ren Faires to be in Tomball/Magnolia, near Houston, or up towards the Waco area.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Fair in the past?  Would you sign up for the upcoming events at this place?

Check out the link below for more details.

Sherwood Forest Faire – Medieval Renaissance Park in Lost Pines between Austin and Houston..






Facebook Page:


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Was it four weeks of DJing that just passed?

Am I really on my 5th week of DJing now???


It hardly seems that soooo much time as passed when I am having sooo much fun learning about the world of DJing.

So many good things are happening.  I am having musicians wanting me to air their music and I am soooo very happy to do so.  I am all about the underdog and getting them some air time.  I am also all about not necessarily playing the same songs that you will hear on all other radio stations.  It might be a little bit of Indie music or a song that is sung by a well known singer or band that hasn’t been played in quite some time.

I have some bands giving me exclusivity to air their not yet released music as well.  I am so excited that they have their faith in me, which makes me so much more excited to do my shows.

Not this week, but next week, I am also looking forward to having a guest DJ on air with me.  Can’t wait until that happens. It’ll be fun to have the company of another DJ on air with me, who is also going to share with me some better organizational skills to get me set on the right track from my place.

Next week, too, I am meeting up with a dear musician friend of mine who is playing here in Austin for a change of pace. Can’t wait to see him and see what new materials he’ll let me share with you all. 😀

What other things are in store?  Who knows???? lol…

*Wishing that there were DJ passes to the SXSW shows here in Austin*

Guess you’ll just have to keep in touch and see what happens………………………

In the meantime………

Come on in and join in the fun….

DJ Devine,
Blue Orion Lounge
Playing songs from the last 4 decades, including some Austrialian, Latin, and British songs, as well as some Indie musicians.


MARCH 7  (FRI) 2-5p CST

MARCH 8 (SAT) 8a-2p CST
Blue Orion Radio –
(high band) http://www.sc.jji-radio.com:8008
(low band) http://www.sc.jji-radio.com:8010
Blue Orion Radio Lounge (in Fubar.com) – http://www.fubar.com/new_lounge.php?w=1&lid=53775
My show airs – as DJ Devine – Thurs 5-8pm, Fri 2-5pm, Sat 8a-2pm
Playing the last 4 decades of music

MUSICIANS — Please contact me and let me know if you have something you would like for me to consider airing!!

Come on in and join in on the fun….

DJ Devine,
Blue Orion Lounge
Playing songs from the last 4 decades, including some Austrialian, Latin, and British songs, as well as some Indie musicians.


MARCH 7 (FRI) 2-5p CST

MARCH 8 (SAT) 8a-2p CST

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It’s about time…

bring back the jingle and the jangle back into Christmas!!

Make us proud of our beliefs…not having to hide them like many countries have to do in their countries.  After all, being proud of our beliefs and not having to hide our thoughts, dreams, and ambitions is part of what make Americans proud of their heritage as well as a number of other things (which are not directly related to the issuance of this song);  it is just about being able to be able to wish some one “Merry Christmas!” with no worries of being offensive to anyone.  After all, when someone wishes “Happy Chanukah!” to a Christian with Christian beliefs, they aren’t stammering and say “I am offended by what you said.”  Instead, Christians just generally nod and say to their Jewish friends, “and, may you have a Happy Chanukah!”

Bah humbug to the politically correct censorship and the victimization of the Christians to succumb to the numbness of the non-emotional impact of their beliefs, and let all the Christians sing along with Go Fish:


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Check out the latest from Devine Texan’s Creations!!

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This is just in…..

Final: Horns come back to defeat Oklahoma State 38-35

STILLWATER, Okla. — Big leads are never safe when Oklahoma State plays Texas. On Saturday, the Cowboys built a three-touchdown lead, only to see the Longhorns come back and win on the game’s final play.

Ryan Bailey booted a 40-yard field goal for the Longhorns as time expired for the most improbable 38-35 Texas victory, giving Mack Brown a 10-0 slate against the Cowboys.


The Longhorns began a comeback bid with a pair of touchdown runs by Jamaal Charles. Colt McCoy set up both with big plays. The first was a 17-yard gain by McCoy on second-and-23, part of a 59-yard scoring drive. Charles capped it off with an 18-yard TD run to cut OSU’s lead to 35-21.

The Cowboys’ punter then pinned Texas to its own 1 yard line. McCoy found Quan Cosby for 15 yards on second down for a little breathing room. Then Charles broke free for a 75-yard touchdown run to cut the Cowboys’ lead to a touchdown, 35-28.

After an OSU punt again pinned Texas deep, this time at its own 9, the Longhorns’ offense again struck quickly. McCoy scrambled for 16 yards on first down, and Charles broke free for 14 on the next play. That led to a 60-yard bomb from McCoy to Jordan Shipley to the 1 yard line, where Vondrell McGee banged in the tying touchdown with 3:22 to play.

But the Cowboys didn’t roll over. After a Texas facemask penalty extended OSU’s kick return to the Cowboys’ 45 yard line, Zac Robinson lofted a screen pass to Dantrell Savage, who turned it into a 35-yard gain. But the OSU drive ended without points, when Jason Ricks missed a 32-yard field goal attempt wide right.

Texas took over at its 20 yard line with 1:13 to play. The Longhorns advanced to the Cowboys’ 40 on a 30-yard pass to Jermichael Finley with 29 seconds left. Then facing third-and-11, McCoy scrambled left for 14 yards to the Cowboys’ 27. That set up Bailey’s heroics. He came in with two seconds to play and booted the 40-yard field goal as time expired for a 38-35 Texas victory.

The Longhorns are now 8-2 on the year and 4-2 in Big 12 play. They are in second place in the South division, with Oklahoma (3-1 in conference play) hosting Texas A&M (3-2) tonight. Oklahoma State fell to 3-2 in conference play and 5-4 on the season.

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One leg of his life journey — the whole story yet to be unfolded before our eyes.  Are you reaching for your dreams??? or, are you willing to procrastinate your entire life away???


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OMG — what a good event this Sunday, October 7, 2007, benefiting CASA and Hope Alliance!! 😀

Check out the web page for the Longhorn Half-Iron Triathlon for more details!! 🙂

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I worked for Michael Dell back in the day when it was known as PC’s Limited (off of N. Lamar and Hwy 183),  an Austin, Texas based computer company, as its 13th employee and enjoyed the transition of its growth to Dell Computer Corporation, which is now known simply as DELL.

Opening up the Austin American Statesman newspaper today to the Business Section while getting some breakfast to go at the local IHOP, I read about the City of Leander’s progress business projects and looked further down on the section’s first page and see “Dell gets until July 16th to report finances”.  Apparently, DELL hasn’t filed its financials for more than four quarters. 

According to Dan Zehr, American Statesman Staff, “The NASDAQ has allowed Dell shares to continue trading despite the company’s failure to file reports with federal regulators after each of the past four quarters.  Exchange rules require that companies keep current on their reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission, but the exchange often grants reprieves for companies investigating accounting issues.”  Apparently, Dell isn’t disclosing the investigations at this time.  Even in March, the filing of its Annual Report had been delayed.

Things are sounding a bit shaky for Dell at this time.  Hopefully, they will be able to rebound from this struggle soon.

Any thoughts???

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I was in another part of the same highway and noticed this fire engine that decided to take the upperdeck of the highway at about 4pm that day with its lights on. Normally, not a bad decision as the traffic begins to build up later. Couldn’t get a good shot of it where it had stopped in traffic from where I was near 29th on the east side of the highway.

Drove around to the west side of the highway past 26th and headed to 19th (MLK) off of Red River. Turned back when I saw that I could catch a glimpse of it through the UT practice fields’ gate.

Drove up to the gate at an angle and walked to the gate to capture this picture of the fire engine. It has given up moving forward after sitting there for 45 minutes and turned of its lights. Hoping that there was no fire it still needed to respond to…I hope that all turned out well in the end on Tuesday, June 26th.

I avoid the traffic on IH35 like a plague and, as such, made it a priority for my living and work to be in a whole ‘nother part of town. This particular instance could have been a very serious manner.I have also posted this in my

Inquiring Minds (Austin American Statesman) and
Inquiring Minds (My Fox Austin)

blogs already to jumpstart the issue recognition.

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Thank you for signing the petition to Stop the Dead End Shelter!

Can you help us spread the word? Just forward this email to your friends around Austin who may be interested.

Thanks for helping to protect Austin’s community values.



Help Stop the Dead End Shelter

The City of Austin plans to move the Town Lake Animal Shelter from its current location on Caesar Chavez to a remote industrial location on the outskirts of the City’s eastern edge – out of sight and out of mind.

According to a national shelter expert, locating a shelter in a highly visible location rather than at a remote location or on a dead-end street can literally double shelter adoptions. The proposed new site is an out-of-sight, out-of-mind location, far and away from the City’s main adopters, which is certain to lead to fewer visitors, fewer volunteers, fewer adoptions, and even more killing. We already have a great location and there is no reason to relocate it to the outskirts of town.

With little-to-no public input or discussion, with no public vote by the Austin City Council, and with no analyses of the move’s impact on adoptions, volunteers and return to owners, Shelter management has railroaded the relocation to East 7th and Airport. This is the same Shelter management that has been unable to reduce the kill and intake rates (despite doubling the budget) over the last seven years. Last year over, 12,000 homeless animals were killed and since 2000 under the current shelter management more than 70,000 animals have been killed.

A grass-roots effort has formed urging the City Council to use the voter-approved bond money to rebuild the Shelter where it is-Town Lake.








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Visited some family in San Antonio this past weekend. Some of them told me that, like Austin has the phrase of “Keep Austin Weird”, San Antonio has adopted the phrase, “Keep San Antonio Lame”!

What the heck??? 😉

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As much as I like the University of Texas as they are my parent’s alma mater and I live in the same city as the great university, I can’t stand the invalidation of a sense of ethical behavior.  UT’s Student Financial Services’ Office, as reported in today’s The Daily Texan Online seems to be under just that level of scrutiny right now as they have seemingly given preferrential treatment to those lenders who show “strong presence” in their office, especial through gifts and “treats”.

Everyone tends to give gifts to companies that they do business with to develop a relationship with the company.  The thing is, though, while it is a great marketing tool, it can be viewed with improprieties or being unethical if it is much more than taking cookies to all the employees occasionally to build awareness of their own services that they offer.  It is a marketing tactic that companies often use to set themselves apart from the other companies that might be vying for presence and usuability of their own services.  Just a part of doing business.

However, when things are gone overboard – trips, gifts, happy hours, and such are given – and the influence of these gifts influences the companies to give special treatment or ranking of a vendor based on those “treats” then it becomes a bit unethical.

Do what??? lol….

It is often the topic of much heated debates in business, law, and ethic classes all over the world.  Consumables are almost accepted (cookies, donuts, tacos, etc.) practice while others are not.  The difference is often in the value of the gift and not singled out to any one person who has the power and influence to make decisions on vendor usuage or a ranking thereof.

To illustrate this, in the CRS Report for Congress:  Lobbying Congress:  An Overview of Legal Provisions and Congressional Ethics Rules  of December 27, 2006, it states:

In attempts to limit what has been perceived to be potential undue or improper influence in governmental processes, restrictions have been adopted to limit the postemployment lobbying of certain high ranking officials of the federal government for a period of time after those officials leave government service (so-called “revolving door” laws). Similarly, to deal with the potential for, or perceptions of, undue or improper influences, both Houses of Congress have adopted internal rules regarding the acceptance of gifts and favors by Members, officers or employees of the House or Senate from private sources, particularly from registered lobbyists or agents of foreign principals. No gifts may be accepted by Members, officers or employees,except as permitted in the Rules of the respective chamber.”

Now.  Just how confusing does that sound???  Doesn’t it sound like they allowed themselves a little bit of breathing room for allowing exceptions in accordance with those “permitted in the Rules of the respective chamber”?

While I have seen an absolute definition that can be applied to all, I have yet to see companies try to lobby for a spot in other business to do business with them without providing some sort of gimick to draw brand name identity and recognition for their goods or services.  If they are not able to provide certain gifts, I am sure that there will always be that weasel who figures out a loop hole of some sort that makes their gift perfectly acceptable, even if it is just in the best interest of the company to be able to market themselves.  After all, free commerce is based on the appeals of being able to market freely their goods or services — right???

Where should the line be drawn?  Any ideas????

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Road to Austin Concert

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