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When I watched tonight’s episode (May 6, 2007) of Andy Rooney, on 60 Minutes, I couldn’t help but think about this when listening to his rants about some of the headlines he has been reading in the newspapers.

Does he only read newspapers that he can physically hold on to and see?  More than likely.  It seems that, throughout the years, I remember seeing an episode about that, too.

If he were to browse, though, through the the blogs that are out there on the world wide web of today, would he be just as equally or more critical, or would he be happy with our creativity?

Maybe some day, we will see Andy Rooney say, “Okay, the bloggers who are offering their opinions often about news and other events going on in the world are truly being very creative with the titles they head up on their postings!” Do you think it would be possible???? 😉

I have loved watching Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes for as long as I can remember because of his unique perspective on things, even though it can be a bit twisted with that dry, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. You have to admit though that, as a fellow writer/blogger, it would certainly be an interesting episode to watch indeed!! 😀

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