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We simply must get VAWA passed. Please urge your Federal Legislators to get on the ball and get this passed quickly!

United Nations Delegate

We just cannot give up on this…. please feel free to circulate to survivors, advocates, and others who are concerned about the rights of victims of domestic violence issues, etc.!!!






Crew –


Our national colleagues have identified tomorrow, November 14th as a Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) National Day of Action.  They judge the “lame duck session”, the session of Congress that will take place in the next few weeks, as an important time to highlight and push for the reauthorization of VAWA.



The VAWA National Day of Action

Wednesday, November 14, 2012






Since VAWA Expired





Since Congress’ Last Action on VAWA





Left to pass VAWA

before this Congress ends



(for November 14, 2012)



Tomorrow, consider taking one or more of the following…

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I think my preparedness skills as a girl scout are well played, and the start of,being very prepared my role as a United Nations delegate in a few months. Read this blog for more details….

United Nations Delegate

As I am working towards my goal to be at the United Nations through fundraising and educating myself more about the current global issues of violence against women and children through attendance of meetings and webinars, and lots of reading and research, I have also been training already through a faith based disaster relief resource.


Hurricane Sandy hits NYC, which is also home to the United Nations.   I still haven’t got a clear statement on the status of the buildings, Churches, and hotels surrounding the United Nations area; however, I have a feeling that, even if the buildings and meeting locations are cleared out before I arrive in March, there will be an additional task at hand and the disaster training that I have also been receiving with FEMA’s online training resources, Austin Disaster Relief Network’s in person training, and the American Red Cross training will come directly…

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