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What is really disturbing is that it was fought so strongly for the humanity aspect — including non-citizens with the VAWA bill, etc. treating all victims as a human being. If the same folks were in a different country, wouldn’t they like to know that they would be protected as a victim as well??? Pure hogwash and insanity to think otherwise.

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Being a survivor from domestic violence can mean many things to many different people. Here is my story, and my journey after that in order to have a voice in helping others through a variety of advocacies that I do.

National Domestic Violence Survivor Law Project

The story of my past experiences with domestic violence and how I have moved forward throughout the years to provide advocacy to others.

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How far CAN we go?

It’s worth a try to see how many changes that we can make to help make this world a safer place for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Come check out the National Domestic Violence Survivor Law Project that we’re working on…. Love to hear from you!!

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Just out… a very serious matter that needs a continued look into. šŸ™‚

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