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Madagascar Cyclone: “Getting ready to respond”

Posted by: Daniel Fava at 10:16AM EST on February 16, 2012

John Uniack Davis, Country Director CARE Madagascar

February 15, 2012

Impact of previous cyclones in Madagascar, such as wind damage. Picture taken by� by Katia Rakotobe– Location : Mananara (North East)

“On Wednesday morning, CARE sent a helicopter to the areas affected by cyclone Giovanna to assess the damage. The storm made landfall on Tuesday, February 14, on the east coast of the country and it brought heavy winds and rains. Our staff have been preparing for this as we could monitor the storm coming close. Luckily, when Giovanna made landfall, it lost some speed and was therefore not quite as strong as the Category 4 storm that had been predicted. But still, it left a path of destruction through several districts. �Two districts in particular, with a total population of over� 400,000 were particularly hard hit. What was really unusual was that after hitting the coast and traveling inland, the cyclone passed directly over the capital city, so I and the rest of our staff had to stay home until late Tuesday morning. There were extremely strong winds. Giant billboards were blown down and debris was flying around. I am glad that all of my colleagues are safe and accounted for. Here in “Tana”, as we call the capital, there has been quite some destruction and people were not really prepared for the storm.

via Notes from the Field.

via Notes from the Field: Getting Ready to Respond to the Madagascar Cyclone.

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