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This seems to be the latest blasts from the conservative Republicans and they seem to be standing behind the Christopher Horner (a Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute) who has put together a book called, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism), where he seems to combat every issue that Mr. Al Gore has presented to be true in a very Oscar approval way with his campaign.

Now, whether or not the book by Christopher Horner is based upon fact or fiction, or if the campaign that Al Gore has been heading up during the past years is fact or fiction, I am not here to say.  I haven’t the time to analyze every word for every word; hopefully, some scientists will be able to make heads or tales from what are seemingly, at this point in time, great hypothesis arguments from each point of view.

While I do know that we should be careful about our use of our resources on this Earth, I don’t think that we need to run around like Chicken Little and say that the day of gloom is today, or even tomorrow.  Changing our behaviours to conserve our resources can never really be a bad thing; after all,  we do need to not be greedy with our resources and destroy them for future generations.  However, do we need to be in panic mode and go into alternative behaviours without a well thought out process?  I am not quite so sure; after all, who is to say that the seemingly well thought out process is actually the wrong choice and, in the end creates more harm than good.

After all, we have some other baffling things at hand — like the virus created for the demise of the fire ants, but is it the same type of virus that is affecting the bees and their contribution to pollination, which in turn affects the growth of our  food production???  Stay tuned…

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)

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So Italian sounding is the name “paparazzi” that one presumes that it is all good, so associated with the good eats that the Italians have — ie, “Pizza, pizza!!” — however, a paparazzi can never really be good news.  While keeping some celebrities in line with the social graces by exposing their bad behaviors to the public, the barrage of “in your face” photographers expose what is the otherwise surreal life that we see of the celebrities on the screen, plays, political stances, etc., with the realness of who and what they truly represent.

It is thought that Princess Di was victimized by the paparrazi who chased her in the car driven by her driver on that fateful evening.  This shocked the world and the reality of the damages that the paparrazi could do suddenly became front and center.

I love to take photographs of people, but I respect their boundaries for privacy and the right to live a life without being felt like a fish in a fishbowl.  Their job is for entertaining oftentimes, and yet their reward is constant view into their lives, such as in the movie “The Truman Show” where I am sure they often wonder where their job and personal lives are separated and how they can bring up their own children and have family lives of their own without the parrazi always breathing down their necks, although, I suppose they are getting a litte bit better about that at time until a greedy photographer gets obsessed in getting that one photograph that will make them boo-koos of money.  At that point, what really truly separates them from being categorized as stalkers?  Don’t the celebrities deserve to live lives stalker free too???

In a recent incident in Prague, it was said that:

“On Friday, their presence as they were leaving their son Maddox’s (5) kindergarten in Prague, caused quite a stir, witnesses said.  

Angelina Jolie is making the movie Wanted in Prague until the end of May. It is a film adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel in which she stars alongside James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman.  

On Tuesday evening, their presence in a restaurant in the old city also caused a fight among the paparazzi from France, Germany, the U.S. and England, which almost escalated to violence.”

It was not indicated what “violence” was almost had, however, the paparazzi should never get to the point of any degree of violence.  If they do, they are truly no better than any stalker threatening their safety and right to some degree of privacy in their lives.


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