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In searching for a site I am familiar with today, ThePhotoChallenge, I stumbled upon this challenge for photos from someone named Kara (as posted on 2/17/07):

Hey my name is Kara. I’m a photography student in Boston. I’m doing a photo project for display in a local coffee shop. I’m looking for unique and open minded volunteers for the project.What makes this project unique is that all of the pictures for the project will be taken by the volunteers themselves, which enables me to have people from all over the globe involved. I’m making a collage of peoples faces hands and feet and arranging all of the pictures randomly. The whole concept of the project is to see if people who view the project can match the feet and the hands to the faces. And since the people for the project will be taking the pictures themselves, no two pictures will be alike. If you’re interested in volunteering I would just need a picture of your face, Two pictures of your hands one picture of the top of your hands, the other picture the palms. And two pictures of your feet, one of the tops of your feet, the other one the soles. All you’d have to do is email me the pictures and I’ll add them to the project. If you’d like I can email you a picture of the finished project. I am hoping that the project turns out good, as I think it’s a cool concept that’s never been attempted before. Everyone I’m asking to volunteer is being selected completely at random. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I thank you for your time. I know this quite random, but such is life. I look forward to hearing back from you. Take Care 🙂


Are you up to the challenge????


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Sad. Very sad.

Just in! This young girl, at Matagorda High School, excused herself from a band class and self-inflicted a wound upon herself. When the girl hadn’t returned to class, the teacher sent another student to check up on her and found her dead.

At the end of the article, they mentioned that they were uncertain how the gun had been brought into the school. Oh, my gosh!

It is reported that she had been recently depressed. It is too bad that she didn’t get the help that she needed in time and felt that she needed to resort to suicide. No reports yet on what set everything in the spiraling motion for her.

If you, or someone you know, is depressed, please know that there is help out there to help you.

High School on Lockdown After Student Suicide

Need Someone to Talk To? Samaritans are available 24hrs/day

Depression Help for You

Depression Help Prevention

Depression through NAMI.org (National Alliance for Mental Illness)

Depression Treatment, Medication, Help, Symptoms: Anxiety Attacks Depression Test, Types, ADHD Causes

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if you haven’t heard of her before!) Be sure to sit back and enjoy…..

Small Town Blues


Another Rain Song


Real Love


Harder Than the Fall




PS.  One of my favorites is the Church song.  If you see her in person, tell her to play this lively tune.  I couldn’t find it on YouTube or I would have uploaded it for you to hear.

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I remember when my daughter was little, she had been a fan for a while of the group Hanson. For years, I haven’t heard much of this group and thought that they had simply given up on their music interests; probably just being an empty nester for a year or so has me a little out of touch of the latest and greatest of the music industry. While this might not be the greatest of the greatest, it was pleasant to listen to. Enjoy…


Added some others for you to enjoy, as well, from this group:







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