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Much has been added today including more links from prior Blogger sites that I have composed my own blog series on a variety of issues and topics, as well as a blurb about Bryant McGill’s Community Forum.

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Please join me in the community meant to help you achieve your dreams. You will not find a nicer more positive group of people anywhere else on the Internet. If you are having tough times, you are sure to find some good advice and support at this community, where there is NO NEGATIVE ENERGY.

Also, many industry professionals, actors, professors, singers and other good spirited people are regular contributors to this website. This is the one place you can be your true self, make meaningful relationships, share your work and have fun.

Click here to sign-up and to chat with me now:

Bryant McGill Forum Community

Please repost this, or email it to any of your friends would would like to help.

Hope to see you there! 🙂


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Worldly Inquiring Mind “iWIM” 😀

Updated site with more links regarding Concordia University’s move to FM 620, as well as its Accelerated Degree Program.

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Concordia University is actually re-locating to the old Schlumberger facility just down the road from me, quite literally! This is what they had to say on the first page of their web page announcing this change:

“The Board of Regents of Concordia University took a visionary step of faith on May 13, 2005, deciding to relocate its main campus.


The new site was selected the following year and put under contract in July 2006. Closing on the property will take place in early 2007.
Formerly owned by Schlumberger, an oil services company, the property was developed in 1987 as a research facility. The company closed the site several years ago and moved most of its research activities to Cambridge, England.


The original Schlumberger site consists of approximately 440 acres of land divided into four lots. Nearly 250 acres of Lot 2 comprise a protected nature preserve. In addition, six buildings are located on Lot 2 consisting of 195,000 square feet of usable space. Most of Concordia’s current academic programs and administrative departments will fit into the existing buildings, after some renovations. New construction on the campus will include a gym, athletic fields and student housing.”

Of course, because some students would be looking at getting housing off campus, this might drive up the apartment rates of my complex and others around here in this area; however, I view it as an opportunity to complete my education.

I have been on an educational roll for quite some time — having obtained my Paralegal Certificate in 1991 and my Associates in Criminal Justice in 2005 in between working 2-3 jobs at a time and being a single mom raising my daughter as best I could. I have been close to finishing my Bachelors but the platform at the University I was attending was revamped and kept cratering often. So frustrating and then, of course my work schedules have been crazy too to not be conducive to having a schedule for studying habits as well.

Oh, well. They have a program for Accelerated Adult Learning where you attend classes one night a week, ie from 6-10pm, and each class only lasts 4 wks. I would love to get into those and with the University relocating less than 2 miles from my apartment, I would have no excuse, other than to try to get my work schedule conducive to attending those classes.

Of course, since they won’t be officially open until 2008, I have some time to get that accomplished, albeit that time will come before I realize it, I know! Maybe, they will be hiring at the new campus??? I’ll definitely have to check that out soon.

We’ll have to see what life brings along my way; in the meantime, something exciting is this way coming for certain and I am giddy with its possibilities!! 😀

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